6 years ago: Triple Lindy

November 26, 2007, here on slacktivist: Triple Lindy

What I don’t understand is how the individual people who make up the noise machine handle this logically, intellectually or emotionally.

If you’re completely unprincipled and you don’t care about logical consistency or coherence — if all of politics is just a big game of Fizzbin — then this isn’t a problem and it’s simply a matter of following the latest talking points from the central office: Talking to Syria is now Good. We’ve always been at war with Oceania.

But I would think that at least some of these right wing bloggers and talk radio hosts, and maybe even one or two Fox News readers, are actually true believers sincerely arguing for what they genuinely believe. I can’t imagine it’s easy for them to suddenly have to stop believing X and start believing Not X.

It’s actually even stranger than that — they have to suddenly switch from arguing that Nancy Pelosi is a demon because she believes X to arguing that George Bush is a genius and a patriot because he believes X, all while somehow arguing that Pelosi is still a demon. It’s like the Triple Lindy of cognitive dissonance.

How do they accommodate that? What’s the mental trick? Seriously. I don’t get it.

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  • Carstonio

    That’s not a difficult trick – it’s all about hierarchy. The double standard is not merely because Pelosi is a woman, but because she’s a woman who criticizes men who allegedly deserve to be in power like Bush. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann can bash Obama for days and not be suspected of usurping a man’s authority, because the same mentality views an educated black man at the top of a hierarchy as a heretical pretender. Palin’s and Bachmann’s anti-feminism is the way they can hold public office without offending the pecking order, plus Palin’s practice of keeping her family in the public eye reinforces the image that she hasn’t abandoned a woman’s “natural” role as mother.

  • wendy

    “Honey, is it legal for him to do that with his elbow? Shouldn’t it be a foul?”

    “Depends. Was it a Celtic did it to a Laker, or a Laker did it to a Celtic?”

  • Random_Lurker

    Bob Altmeyer’s “The Authoritarians” describes how authoritarian personalities don’t suffer cognitive dissonance. They compartmentalize so completely that they are simply never aware of two conflicting ideas at the same time.

    Why or how they do this is never explained. The book describes test results and doesn’t really give cause/effect type explanations.