1 year ago: Never side with the boss against the people who handle your food

November 27, 2012, here on slacktivist: Never side with the boss against the people who handle your food

It’s one thing to ask someone to prepare you a chicken sandwich as an expression of your dislike for gay civil rights. It’s something else entirely to ask people to prepare and deliver you a pizza as an expression of your contempt for the people who prepare and deliver your pizza.

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LBCF, No. 164: ‘That girl’
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LBCF, No. 164: ‘That girl’

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  • smrnda

    Something I want to bring up, because I learned a new fact a few days ago.

    Turns out that the father of a guy I know once worked for McDonald’s corporate. The system is set up so the McDonald’s Co takes no risk for a new franchise location. All the risk is taken by the franchise operator and the workers – the franchise operator is told where the location will be, and is told how to run the business.

    Basically, fast food is a huge risk shift from corporate to the people on the bottom. Corporate and the shareholders make money and face no risks, but everybody on the bottom is forced to take the risks.

    All said, a good reason not to eat at franchises.

  • http://www.to-hither.com/ PepperjackCandy

    I was with you up until that last line. You are right in that the most responsibility in these organizations is put squarely on those with the least power.

    However, avoiding a place because they’re standing on the necks of their workers seems to me like trying to aid the workers by putting plastic bags over their heads.

  • http://apocalypsereview.wordpress.com/ Invisible Neutrino

    And some people don’t eat at fast food franchises because they dislike the quality of food.

    It’s not up to smrnda or anyone to personally subsidize the McD’s joint down the road for any reason.

  • reynard61

    This seems relevant.

    Now the good news.

    Proving that, once in a long while, The Boss can get his pizza spit into as well.

  • http://apocalypsereview.wordpress.com/ Invisible Neutrino

    Indeed. Even so, state and federal laws should be mandating that such days are paid holidays off, and anyone who works on them HAS to be paid time and a half.