Today’s Daily Blog of the Day: Are Women Human?

Are Women Human? is a loaded question. The answer should be obvious, of course, until you look at how the church, corporate America, universities, sports, the Internet, movies and television, the news media, governments and just about every other institution actually operates, which makes it seem like a necessary question.

It’s a question to be reckoned with, which makes it a good name for a blog to be reckoned with — a blog that, like that question, offers a challenge and a reminder and a defiant declaration.

From the about page:

Are Women Human? is a blog about issues of gender and sexuality in Christian communities, and broader social justice issues in the church.  AWH? exists to create greater awareness about the oppression of marginalized groups in Christian churches, provide a safe space where people can safely discuss their experiences in the church, and be a voice for greater equality and justice in the church. …

AWH? is run by T.F. Charlton (better known as Grace to readers), a former evangelical Christian, recovering academic, spouse, and parent. She’s also a writer and commentator on media and culture from a black, Nigerian American, queer feminist perspective. Say hi to her on Twitter at @graceishuman.

I’d been reading Grace at Are Women Human? for some time before I connected her with T.F. Charlton. I don’t think I realized that until after reading her rich, incisive Religion Dispatches essay on the Sovereign Grace Ministries scandal, “A Church Group, a Lawsuit, and a Culture of Abuse.” RD’s about the author blurb made me do a double take — “Ohhhh … so this wicked smart person is the same as that other wicked smart person.”

Take a look at that essay for a taste of the kind of insight and wisdom you’ll regularly find at Grace’s/Charlton’s blog. Or click around at Are Women Human? or follow Grace on Twitter @graceishuman.


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