Power zout

We’re among the half million or so folks around here without power. The lights (and heat) went out about 4 a.m. Wednesday and PECO says everything should be up and running again by, um, maybe Friday? maybe?

Officially, PECO has 7,500 customers in our township and 7,057 of us are in the dark right now. Our middle school is now a Red Cross “warming center” and shelter — but without WiFi access, and since they’re running on gas generators, no cell-phone charging there either. (But they were very nice about it, and they’re really coming through for many of my neighbors who need them right now and seeing the place increased my respect for the Red Cross enormously.)

Anyway, I’m posting this from the parking lot of a Panera after finally finding someplace to guerrilla-recharge the ‘vixen’s phone.

So, fun.

I do have a functioning analog laptop (a spiral-bound notebook) and plenty of candles, though, so once I’m able to start posting again I’ll have stuff to post. And I’ll be able to start that new-year fundraising drive it seems I’ll need to do soon too.

Until then, um, how ’bout that Bill Nye, huh?

I’m going to go crawl under about 20 blankets and hope to dream warm dreams.


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