White evangelicalism, 1975: Before the change (3.1)

Norman Geisler’s use of the term “therapeutic” in this section turned out to be unfortunate. Back in the early 1970s, when he was writing this summary of the common accepted “stance” for conservative white evangelicals on “When Abortion Is Justified,” that term was entirely benign. He had no way of knowing that, decades later, it would become something of an epithet. Read more

The church of rock and roll

This is, I think, a lovely story. It’s about coming together to help bear each other’s burdens, even when those burdens are unbearable. This is closer to what “church” should be than what we often see from the church itself. Read more

Don’t trust doctors, just read Proverbs

“Biblical counseling” is a nasty bit of work that’s going to get people killed. In the meantime, though, it will provide a bit of revenue for its fundamentalist advocates, while helping to isolate their followers from any source of truth they don’t control. Read more

Blessed Are the Poor

Most of the time in the actual Bible, the poor are already saved. All of them. They just are. That’s a given. It’s rarely stated outright because, throughout the actual Bible, it goes without saying. Read more

LBCF, No. 151: ‘Losing Chloe’

Chloe undergoes a change in personality following her recitation of the magic words, but the change is entirely one of subtraction, not of addition. Her “conversion” is thus one of the saddest events in a book full of woes and calamities. Read more

White evangelicalism, 1975: Before the change (3)

What conservative white evangelicals believe and say in 2017 is very different from what they believed and said in 1975. And what they said back then is, in their circles, no longer allowed to be believed and no longer allowed to be spoken. Read more

You were a fool to let me go

Not-Garland joined his fellow robed partisans to uphold racial gerrymandering in Texas. How long does the absolute correlation and unbroken pattern have to continue before we’re allowed to talk about the obvious conclusion? Plus: Credit-rating agencies are terrible at their job and have outlived any plausible claim that their continued existence is justified. Burn them down and salt the earth. Read more

Bite My Lip and Close My Eyes

When you “like” a pornographic tweet from your boss’s account, it creates a teachable and hilarious moment. Read more

White evangelicalism, 1975: Before the change (pt. 2)

Here’s the next little bit from Norman Geisler’s unremarkable, unremarked on, conservative white evangelical book Ethics: Alternatives and Issues, 1975 edition. Guy could be a bit repetitive. Read more

If dreams were lightning

David W. Congdon on what it is that we’re saved from. (He provides a Latin phrase, but I’m thinking of a shorter American one.) Plus: the Yaris hits a milestone; Christian textbooks that celebrate treason in defense of slavery; and 100 Funny Movies that may or may not all be, like, ha-ha funny. Read more

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