Inside Dope on Emerging Mormon Pro-Homosexuality Stance

Christ and Peter

At Times & Seasons, Marc Bohn promotes inside information that John Gustav-Wrathall is eager to pass on. Wrathall lets the T & S community in on the secret information he gathered, as a leader of Affirmation, with certain un-named “Church leaders”.

The now open secret, purportedly, is that “our leaders,” while opening up to Wrathall, are lying to the rest of us in their consistent, explicit, and frequent confirmations that the practice of homosexuality is wrong and that homosexual marriage is a contradiction in terms. The secret, more fundamentally, is that the Church is founded on “Love” in the relativistic sense that Wrathall prefers, and not in the sense affirmed by Elder Holland (“Cost and Blessings of Discipleship”) and all the other Church authorities – in public, that is.

I do not mean to gainsay Wrathall’s point that Church leaders, like the rest of us, have learned over recent decades to be more understanding of the challenges experienced by individuals afflicted with same-sex orientation. But to relativize the Church’s clear teachings on sexual morality by qualifying them as merely the “current” position which is “in flux” (a.k.a. “progressing” in the left direction) only prolongs the confusion, and thus the anguish and despair of those Bohn and Wrathall wish to succor.

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