About this blog:

The blog is a periodic observation of the current astrological weather and how that may translate into feelings, possibilities and events in our lives.  Looking at the energies of the planets, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus, all of them, the players on our cosmic stage, how they interact throughout the year, moving through the zodiacal signs creating relationships with each other. It’s fascinating to watch how the planets weave a story, how we connect or disconnect from that story.   Noticing with wonder and joyfulness the ever-changing crystal kaleidoscope of planetary energy.  This blog is an observation of the vocabulary of energy, as represented by the planets.  Describing Astrology (helps me become more articulate in understanding the building blocks of life.

About Stephanie Jones:

Stephanie Jones has been an astrologer for 35 years ever since she had a job  interview when she was 18 that required her to give her birth time,  birth date and birth place and “come back tomorrow”.  It  was the most profoundly awakening experience of her life, hearing about  her astrological chart, and she proceeded to cast and interpret  everyone’s horoscope she ever met from that day forward.  A  long lost gift had been returned. Our birth charts are sacred personal  information that we should all have access to from the beginning of conscious self-awareness, says Jones.  She is also an actress and a hypnotherapist and has been called a “thrive coach”.   She  attempts to give to each and every client the same mind-altering lightning bolt of self consciousness she experiences each and every day   through the study of the golden key, Astrology.

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