Make the Moment – How Churches can get Involved

Make the Moment can help you unlock the skills & talents in your congregation. With that kind of information, what kind of difference could you start making in your community? With that kind of knowledge, where will God lead your church? [Read more…]

Why I Am a Freethinker

By Chris Highland As a former “person of faith” who no longer has a “faith tradition” I am sensitive to the divisiveness of labels–they don’t stick to me very well any more. Usually when people ask if I’m an Atheist I reply that I’m a Freethinker. I am not Anti-Faith or Anti-God. I’m Pro-Good and [Read More…]

Liar, Lunatic, Lord

his other part of my religious upbringing, this Jesus Christ, was a much trickier horse to bet on. I didn’t doubt that a famed historical teacher once lived and breathed in the ancient near east. Even secular historians like Josephus described the existence of Jesus of Nazareth as fact. A nice enough guy, that Jesus. A good leader. And he surely captured the attention of the crowds. But to form a whole world-view around him? Seemed a little overboard. [Read more…]