Swami in a Strange Land: How Krishna Consciousness Came to the West

Imagine, if you will, boarding a cargo ship at 69 years-old to leave your home country for the first time in your life. You’ve set out on a month-long journey to go to a country where you don’t know one single person. During the journey you suffer from sea sickness, dizziness, vomiting and also have [Read More…]

Gnosticism & The Urantia Book II: Apostle John Versus Apostle Thomas

Elaine Pagels is perhaps the world’s leading scholar in the field of Gnosticism. In her luminous work, Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas, Pagels details a provocative theory of an open conflict between the competing Gospels of John and Thomas that caused a fatal bifurcation in the early Christian community. She boldly argues that [Read More…]

Is Civilization Dying, Or Being Born?

What is our current state of affairs, on the collective, global level? What is really going on all around us in the world today? Can we even say it is one thing and not the other? Maybe it is both at the same time. The story unfolding all around us now seems to be telling [Read More…]

Your Soul is a program, your body is a smartphone

When we try and consider the nature of our eternal souls, it’s such a big overwhelming subject, sometimes it can be hard to get into our human incarnated brains. Here’s one metaphor that came to me during my Akashic Records study. Your Soul is a program, your body is a smartphone. [Read more…]

Heartbreak and Grace on a New York City Street

I don’t know how long we stood like that… or whether any pedestrian noticed the strange sight of two strangers locked in an embrace in the middle of a New York City street. [Read more…]

How Awe Cultivates Kindness

Most of us have had the experience of being bowled over by something exquisitely vast and ungraspable. Awe can overwhelm us when we gaze at mountains, oceans, or the night sky. It can overtake us when we’re witnessing birth or death, or when we’re falling in love. It can surge through us as we consider [Read More…]

The Ancient Gnostics and the Revelations of The Urantia Book

The most important sources for our understanding of Gnosticism are the famed Nag Hammadi texts, thirteen leather-bound papyrus codices containing over 50 texts, that were found buried in a sealed jar by a peasant in upper Egypt in 1945. The accidental discovery of these lost Gnostic Gospels happens to be the very year (by some [Read More…]

Beyond All Dualities Lies Oneness

There is no way around it. Beyond all dualities lies an indivisible oneness. All the world’s religions speak of this oneness. The underlying truth that the sacred traditions of the world share, despite apparent contradictions and oppositions, is that there is harmony and unity at the source of all life. Rumi, getting right to the [Read More…]

“It’s Okay to Be Broken” (Jane Galloway audio, part 3)

Here’s the third and final installment of our conversation with Jane Galloway, author of The Gateways: The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality. In this segment, Jane calls the 12 Steps a template for living by which we can begin a lifelong process of inner growth that equips and guides our action in the world. For those [Read More…]

Standing Rock and The White Buffalo Woman Journey

A few weeks ago, I saw my therapist–whom I hadn’t seen in months–and told her about my upcoming journey to Standing Rock. She kind of tilted her head and said, “There’s that woman again, Chelsea. I feel her right here.” I blinked at her for a few seconds before I remembered that I had told [Read More…]