Remembering That We Are Sacred Beings

Recognizing love as the source of our core identity helps us remember at the same time that we are souls on an eternal journey. One very vivid illustration of what this all-pervasive love can look like for us, and how it can change our perception of ourselves, was given by Patricia Locke, a Lakota educator [Read More…]

How Do Our Spiritual Values Influence Our Vote?

Jews and Christians often look to Scripture for some insight for the how to change our society, but the Bible tells us nothing about many of the issues that confront us today—whether we should talk to or negotiate with terrorists, what our energy policies should be, what kind of health care or educational system we should have. But there is one area in which the entire Bible is absolutely clear—we are to help the poor, the needy, widows and orphans, the broken-hearted, and the oppressed. [Read more…]

Raising Nonviolent Boys in a Violent World

Raising nonviolent boys in a violent world takes on new dimensions when a mother realizes that her son uses nonviolent defense several times a week just passing between classes. [Read more…]

Asking Forgiveness Thirty Years Later

Of course, I didn’t think keeping her money had caused her suicide. Still I grieved to think that where a small act of mercy or kindness could have been balm to a struggling soul, I had acted for my own interests and looked the other way. [Read more…]

How Does Death Make Life Possible?

  How will you look back when you reach the end of your days? How will you consider the life you have lived?  Will you come to the revelation of how much you have grown, and how you have overcome fears? Will you see your life as a school where you learned of the healing [Read More…]

Reaping The Harvest of Our Spiritual Inheritance

If we can only plant the seeds we have inherited from our ancestors, grandparents, parents, or society in the garden of our own life, we may have to be careful what we allow to be planted. We may have to choose wisely what we let take root in our lives. As Thich Nhat Hanh notes, [Read More…]

Kurt Vonnegut Keeps Dreaming: Donald Trump Meets Kilgore Trout

Kurt Vonnegut was one of the most brilliant writers ever. He took a look at everyday life and translated it into a language of whimsy and absurdist fancy. At the same time he cut to the core of the human experience and conveyed an all-knowing sense of how we got ourselves into the big fat [Read More…]

Talking Story: One Woman’s Quest to Preserve Ancient Spiritual Healing Traditions

“Within the heart of every person there is a compass pointing at the best path to follow. There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ paths. There are just paths. And every path leads to a different destination.” The difference lies in the destination you want to reach, what you hope to receive and most importantly what [Read More…]

From Punitive Justice to Unitive Justice

The way we understand the evolution of justice is to follow the progressive release of Divine revelation. The purpose in the direction of justice is to evolve a moral code that meets the needs of each period in history. Humanity’s evolution, as a whole, has moved through stages where individuals and families were the primary [Read More…]

Don’t Disrespect My Mom: A Lesson in Feminism From My Son

I was treated poorly at a car dealership service center, and my son was more outraged than I was. When asked in a service survey, he told that that they had “disrespected his mother.” I had taken it in stride. His response put me on notice to practice the Quaker testimony in all my affairs and on my own behalf. Otherwise, I was part of the problem. [Read more…]