Love Is Living With An Open Heart


One yet to know love is as a flower yet to bloom. Let the mysteries of love lead you on. Somewhere is a love everlasting and unconditional. Such a love sees with the inner eye, and feels with a heart of compassion. Love’s ascent is steep and treacherous. Expect nothing of love except what you [Read More...]

The Sacred Trinity at the Heart of the Self

inner trinity(belitsos)

I have concluded after four decades of study that the purported celestial authors of the Urantia Revelation performed a colossal feat: they architected a “co-creative” revelatory scripture for the postmodern world that unifies science, philosophy, history, and religion. Among the many vital ideas contained in the Urantia Revelation, and the one that has always stood [Read More...]

What is most sacred to you? A powerful spiritual question

what is most sacred

Questions can be a powerful focus for our minds, bodies and spirits. Sarah suggests this power question to you – add it to your meditation, prayer or journaling practice. Love to hear the outcome of your internal inquiry. Power questions are wonderful for clearing away our biases and getting to the spiritual truth of the matter. [Read more...]

Is “Shame on You” the Graffiti Chiseled in the Backyard of Your Soul?


Why not give up shame this Lent? Today is Ash Wednesday. Perhaps like me “Shame on You” is the graffiti chiseled in the backyard of your soul. Do you prefer the anonymity of wearing a paper bag on your head? Consider taking it off for the next forty days. This is my story of shame resilience…how a [Read More...]

Are You Taking Your Cue From Twitter’s Lent Tracker This Year?


Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the liturgical season of Lent, a penitential period of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving for Christians worldwide. Fasting also happens to be one of the Five Pillars of Islam, and is practiced faithfully by Muslims during Ramadan - a period lasting up to 354 days a year. So what’s the deal with fasting? Does it [Read More...]

Google’s AI Technology Will Transform Life As We Know It.

D Wave PC

Google claims its new quantum computer –  the D-Wave 2x system – will leave its competitors in the dust. But there may not be any competitors for a while if Google’s “Ace of Spades” newbie performs as they predict. According to Hartmut Neven, head of its Quantum Al Lab, this baby can run: “We found that for problem instances involving [Read More...]

A Honeycomb Brimming with Life, Tender and Precious


Cathy had died the day before, lifting up into a full moon out of a ravaged and no longer habitable body. Meditating, I had hoped to sense her spirit. Instead, through the devices of some benevolent force, I was in this intermediary place, watching my beloved sister enact what appeared to be an afterlife ritual. [Read more...]

Your Body Will Literally Reinvent Itself In 2016.


Do you still get a buzz (or chill) at the beginning of a new calendar year? I do. Especially the “chill” factor here in snowy southwest VA!  It’s all about starting over and re-imagining who I can still be on life’s undulating journey. After all, isn’t beginning again and starting fresh encoded in our DNA? [Read More...]

Three True Miraculous Angel Encounters that Saved My Life

artist Cathy McClelland

I have been blessed to work with a special group of Angels, the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun, for the past 25 years. Being educated as a scientist, I believe that tangible proof of invisible help goes a long way in convincing the human mind that we are not alone. Here are three true [Read More...]

The Force Is Within Us And All Around Us


The Force has returned. Actually, it never left. But another generation gets to experience firsthand, in 3D in-your-face action, the power of that mysterious Force that captured a couple of previous generations. Star Wars – The Force Awakens, the seventh in a series of George Lucas films, now masterfully directed by J.J. Abrams, with a [Read More...]