A lesson in gratitude when the AC goes out

Gratitude can be as simple as remembering how far we have come. The plains territories of the United States were a hard and lonely place for a woman to live. Sometimes they still are on some farms – yet we have come a long way! [Read more…]

The United States of Iraq: Is it Evolution or De-evolution

I live in the United States. In recent weeks, the amount of societal strife, through police shootings of unarmed black men, and then of the police being fatally shot themselves in Dallas, has escalated and reached a point where we are witnessing a certain level of societal disintegration. On top of the most recent incidents, [Read More…]

Adopting a Consciousness of Oneness

The story of humanity’s evolving consciousness is made up of many chapters built upon pluralities and dualities, yet it started with and appears destined to return to a strong heritage of unity. It is evident now that a consciousness of oneness – being able to recognize the power and primacy of the whole, as well [Read More…]

Ten Must See Spiritual Growth Documentaries

Wondering what spiritual film to watch next? Peruse this gallery of notable documentaries focusing on spiritual growth for the individual as well as the collective whole. [Read more…]

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What is Donald Trump really telling us?

A few months ago, I dreamed that I was on a ship in the middle of the Hudson River, alongside the island of Manhattan. It was nighttime, but the city wasn’t lit up and glittery like usual. New York was eerily dark, save for one giant spotlight at the 9/11 memorial, gleaming into the black sky. [Read More…]

Working at the Speed of God

How do you know that you are moving with God? What is the speed of life with a full awareness of Spirit and doing what is right?
[Read more…]

Are You Significant?

It was exhausting doing what amounted to a tax audit on my own life. What did I have to show for all the work and play and hardships and triumphs of my 56 year old life? What was my “net,” and was it significant? [Read more…]

The Light Is One

The lamps are different But the Light is the same… Concentrate on essence, Concentrate on Light.   What is Rumi really saying here? He goes on: The light streams toward you from all things, All people, all possible permutations of good, Evil, thought, passion, But the Light is the same.  One matter, one energy, one [Read More…]

‘Life, Animated’: How Owen Suskind found a pathway to language through Disney films

According to Cornelia Suskind, “Everything (in our life) was falling into place, and at three years-old Owen vanished.” Up until this point, Owen Suskind was a typical vibrant and active child who loved to laugh, play and smile. He played with his older brother, Walter, and was a jovial addition to his family. One day, [Read More…]

How learning about children’s brains could save a life

There’s been a storm of comments on social media about the merits of watching over your kids after two awful public incidences of injury and loss recently. Do you know why a toddler won’t remember an order you give them? Here’s some science to back up some of our instinctive and common sense behaviors. [Read more…]