Autumn, 2017 Message from the 12 Archangels

Autumn, 2017 Message from the 12 Archangels October 6, 2017

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Autumn 2017 Message from the 12 Archangels

Our message to humanity begins by saying, “all are in shock.” The primary divine law of Schoolroom Earth states “when one is harmed, all are harmed.” From the perspective of Heaven, every human being is feeling the trauma of the events of the past few weeks, months, years and centuries.

The weather mirrors back to the human collective what the present emotional state is of the human collective. This does not diminish the impact of global warming, it supports it! You are releasing emotions that have been pent up and shoved down into your subconscious for too long. The hurricanes, thunderstorms, forest fires, and earthquakes signal the release of human rage, sadness, fear and frustration. This profound frustration comes from feeling powerless to change what you are experiencing, both individually and communally.

To add to the intensity of the weather systems, there are waves of violence that seem to appear out of no where. When innocent people are killed, a part of each of you dies with them. Do the humans, animals and vegetation that experience devastation during these events agree, on a Soul level, to participate in the story? Yes!

And what is the lesson that is being taught by such events, even if the Souls involved agree to be “teachers?”

The lessons do not change. The lessons of Schoolroom Earth ask that all Souls learn to practice unconditional
compassion, respect, forgiveness and love for self and others.

In addition to these lessons is the requirement that the personality/ego must align with his or her Soul and develop a reliable and trustworthy interdependence with Divine Source, Mother Father God. All disturbing events on Earth, whether natural, political, personal or religious based, are allowed to happen to support the Truth that every particle of God’s Creation feels and experiences what all other particles feel and experience, no matter where in the Universe they are happening.

What does this mean for YOU? We say that each of you have the opportunity to transform the negative and long-lasting impact of these tragic events for the greatest good of all God’s infinite Creation. And we of the Angelic Realms acknowledge that this is exactly what you are choosing to do. The 12 Archangels celebrate that humanity is HEALING!

To ask for your continued help in ending suffering, we offer you a way to lift up the shock and trauma, both the ancient imprints that are in your cells as well as the confusion that fills your minds today. We remind you that when one of you is helped by filling up with Divine Love, all of humanity experiences the benefit. It may sound simple but it is a justice that is integrated into every fiber of your planet and therefore, the Universe.

Guided Imagery Exercise for Healing Empathic Shock and Trauma

1. See yourself and the child that lives within your heart wrapped in a soft peach and ruby blanket. It has your favorite scent of security. Breathe in deep and imagine the smells that bring you comfort.

2. Invite your shadow self to appear before you and ask him to reveal all of the doubt about your life, your choices, your chance for success, the probability for illness and all other fear based thoughts and premonitions Shadow can muster. Place these doubts and fears in a Violet Fire bag (large purple sack that expands as needed).
3. As Shadow fills the Violet Fire bag, invite any red dragons of rage and frustration that are deep down in your belly to rise up and exit out of your body. Ask the red dragons of emotional power to carry your shadow self and all contents of his purple sack to the Central Sun. The Central Sun is the Heart of the Creator and this is the place and vibration where anything less than LOVE is transformed back into LOVE.
4. Ask your Guardian Angels, 12 Archangels and Ascended Masters to open your human heart full and wide. Say, “I pour out my grief to you, Mother Father God. I give you all of the shock and trauma held within my vessel. I trust that you will take what I offer and fill me with Divine Love in return!”
5. Take the peach and ruby blanket that you are wrapped in and ask all of the Angels and Guides to expand it until it covers every human being, animal, plant and all of creation on Planet Earth. See it cover guns and weapons of mass destruction and allow the blanket to completely cover Earth. Ask the global shadow of fear to appear on the blanket. Give this a few minutes. Once the blanket has turned dark with fear, ask the Angels to return it to the Central Sun. Repeat this process until the blanket stays peach and ruby. Add in all of the colors of the Rainbow and see Planet Earth covered in God’s colors of healing love. Say, “thank you” until you feel Light and free.

We are grateful to work together with you, most brave Children of the Central Sun! 

Love and Healing,

The 12 Archangels of the Central Sun


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