The August Lunar and Solar Eclipses – A Message from the 12 Archangels

The August Lunar and Solar Eclipses – A Message from the 12 Archangels August 4, 2017

Photo by Joeg Habermeier from Unsplash
Photo by Joeg Habermeier from Unsplash

Change is a beautiful thing. It often comes uninvited and brings unexpected gifts that create a space for new opportunity, clarity, and liberation from the past. Eclipses have a way of promoting positive and lasting emotional/inner as well as life situation/outer change. This August, humanity will receive support from the moon, Earth and sun in identifying what is currently causing suffering and what to do to stop this suffering. From our perspective there are three main ways that a human being suffers. The first is living in a fantasy future because the present is too painful. What is making the present painful? You can be sure that some old beliefs and experiences are acting out in the subconscious and these beliefs may be attracting negative experiences (rejection, loneliness, unworthiness, health concerns) into the present. The second way that a human being can invite in suffering is to believe that you are responsible for the choices and actions of someone other than yourself. For example, if you have a loved one who has some self-destructive habits and you feel you can change these habits then you will suffer from the frustration of not being allowed to interfere in the lessons of your loved one. And the third most common way that a human being will create suffering is through worry. Whether you worry about the future that is not here yet or you fret over the past that is gone, worry drains your energy and it drains it quickly! The full moon, happening on August 7th, has the emotionally pulling power to reveal to you where you are suffering and how to redirect your energy into manifesting happiness.

On the global level, the eclipses happening this August will give a strong upward push to the collective subconscious of humanity. Yes, more “out with the old,” so that the new and better can flow in.  What is the higher purpose here? Human beings store their fear in the cellars and hidden caverns of the deep subconscious and this fear must be transformed so that the here and now is lighter, brighter and more free FOR ALL CONCERNED.

We desire to inspire you to open yourselves fully to the healing purge on August 7th when Divine Source will send the Force of  L O V E into your emotional bodies. LET THE SUFFERING GO and ask every cell, molecule and atom of you to be filled with Forgiveness. Forgiveness transforms the fear that you will always suffer that you inherited from your ancestors, brought in from past lives and encountered in your childhood. Step into the color purple and allow the Violet Fire of Forgiveness to transform the fear monsters lurking in unknown places. Invite your monsters to change into creative power and ask to be shown where to direct your passion on August 21st during the powerful energy of the solar eclipse. Here is your opportunity to watch your inner transformation (lunar eclipse) appear in your outer reality (solar eclipse).

Allow your higher self to lift your human life up and out of the old despair. Set your feet, now free from the chains of suffering, down on the solid ground of JOY. We will be supporting your amazing transformation this August and celebrating the new divinely empowered you!

Love Eternal,
The 12 Archangels of the Central Sun
Guided Imagery Exercise from the 12 Archangels
Please close your eyes and take a deep breath, all the way to your toes and exhale completely. Repeat until you feel peaceful.
Ask your Guardian Angels to fire up your wings, even if you don’t believe you have any. Leap into the deep violet and fuchsia colors of the “Magical Sunset” image above. Allow the Violet Fire to wash away your fear and see it fill your body completely. Drink in the Divine Mother’s Fuchsia Fire and ask to see with eyes that can see. Ask to hear with ears that can hear and to know the Truth.
Keep flying and fly into the deliciousness of the sun, the Central Sun that will fill every cell of you with Source.
Say, “I AM One with the Sun, the moon, the Earth and the Heavens. I AM One with the Universe and I AM newly created NOW!’
Enjoy your flight and when you are very full of LOVE, your Guardian Angels will set you down on Earth once again. Take a moment and fill your mind with positive intentions for today and for your ever evolving future.

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