Upcoming Series

The Patheos Spirituality Channel hosts a monthly series inviting conversation around the interesting topics in the world of religion and spirituality.

Our current Series is Stepping Stones on your Spiritual Journey.

Stories of the places, the guides and the events that made a difference along the way

Spiritual breakthroughs can happen at the most unexpected times, while doing the most unexpected things and in the most unexpected places. Many look to carve out time to travel somewhere new and look for new insights. Or find groups of like minded people on a similar journey to share an experience. Others search alone for the quiet and the inspiring in nature and the world. Many are blessed with a guide along the way who knows how to help us find our way. All of us have stories of the important moment in time that shaped our beliefs.


Prior Patheos Spirituality Channel Series include:

Change is hard. Spiritual change comes at all different times in our lives and can be devastating and wonderful.  These are stories from the Patheos community, from writers who have experienced spiritual change in dramatic and simple ways.  These are stories of leaving, returning, changing and landing.