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Vulnerabilities on display

Living authentically is ridiculously easy and terribly difficult. It is so very easy because when we’re truly living and acting from a place of authenticity, life flows...


Quest for Meaning: A UU Collective

The Journey is Essential

On the verge of two weeks of study leave, I offer this ancestor wisdom to the world: Journey with peace, courage, mercy, compassion, and love beloveds.  And may our dreams be realized…

The Principles of Spiritual Living

We Are Living In Extraordinary Times

Yes indeed, we are living in extraordinary times. In spite of the negativity, wars & rumors of wars, religious infighting, the decline of the church, and the proliferation of violence, mall killings, mass murders, and ethnic crimes, ecological challenges. There is actually, an unmistakable trend towards a world of greater peace, harmony, tolerance and compassion. [Read More...]

Revealing Your LuminEssence

Living Life Anew

If we’re not conscious of where we place our attention, habits that we don’t particularly desire to cultivate can also be triggered and take us down a dull and lifeless road filled with unhealthy beliefs and feelings . How can you catch these negative culprits as they float in and out of your consciousness?

Conversations with God

Through the corridors of all human experience has this Truth been echoed

As we approach Valentine’s Day (do not forget to memorialize this day if you are in a committed or important relationship!), I thought it might be helpful for us to look at this business of love as it is seen in the eyes of God, from what I have come to understand as a result [Read More...]

Ken Wilber Wake Up Grow Up


  Ken explains why an all-knowing, all powerful God would ever want to create a universe to begin with. He then describes an approach to spirituality anchored in direct experience rather than belief or dogma—experience that can be best cultivated through a genuinely integral approach to spiritual practice. Question: Why does Spirit bother to manifest [Read More...]

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

11 Religions "Same in Heart"

“You pray in heart?” my favorite Muslim cab driver asked me from the front seat. I met his dark eyes in the rearview mirror and nodded yes. Yes, I pray in heart.

Sarah Over the Moon

Lauren Winner’s Real Sex and Sex as Sacrament

Recently (at the request of many blog readers who read my series on Christian dating books: “You Are Not Your Own”), I borrowed Real Sex, by Lauren Winner* from my local library and read it. As I’ve stated in a previous blog post, I was not a fan. It failed to live up to the [Read More...]

Wake Up Call

Everyone has a spiritual story to tell. What’s yours?

Are you familiar with StoryCorps? It’s a nonprofit group that records people telling stories about a key moment in their lives. Over the years, they’ve collected almost 50,000 stories that can be accessed online and at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. You may have heard one of their broadcasts on NPR’s [Read More...]

Pluralism, Pragmatism, Progressivism

Scientific Rigor and Spiritual Evolution: The Work of Jeffrey Kripal

This post is part of a summer-long Patheos series on 2014 Religious Trends. This week, the focus is the Spirituality Channel on “Is the Veil Thinning? Time, Consciousness, and Spiritual Evolution” This topic is timely for me because last week, I began teaching a 6-session course in my congregation based on Jeffrey Kripal’s new book “Comparing Religions: [Read More...]

A Happy Medium

The Unveiling

Ascension, or sometimes called the Shift, seems to be a buzz word that isn’t just circulating around yoga classes, meditation circles or trendy coffee houses. It’s expanded from the spiritual gurus into mainstream society. Both terms are often misunderstood and considered new-agey and woo-woo when, in reality, ascension is merely a fancy word for change. [Read More...]

The Divine Feminine

Emerging Paradigms, The Divine Feminine and Learning to Love the Bear

As I scan the horizon in search of religious trends and emerging spirituality, I see a huge wave of change that can be summarized in one sentence: The Divine Feminine is on the rise… and that’s a good thing! The wisdom of the Divine Feminine may be the only compass that can lead us through [Read More...]

Spirituality and Consciousness

Nature of Reality & Quantum Physics

Nature of Reality & Quantum Physics By Pamala Oslie It appears that quantum physics is confirming what spiritual teachers have been trying to teach us for centuries. It looks like “reality” is not what we think it is. It feels exciting to me. Our understanding of life, who we are, and what we can do [Read More...]

Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart: A Guided Meditation with Images
By Christine Valters Paintner