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Vulnerabilities on display

Living authentically is ridiculously easy and terribly difficult. It is so very easy because when we’re truly living and acting from a place of authenticity, life flows...


Perspectives of a Seeker

Oprah and Deepak Chopra Meditation Experience Review

By Brandan Robertson What does it mean to truly be happy? Is happiness an attainable experience for us in this life, or is it one of many trivial pursuits that continually leave us wanting? These questions lie at the heart of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s new 21-Day Meditation Experience, Expanding Your Happiness, which launches today. [Read More...]

Astrological Musings

The astrology of “Modern Family”

The television show Modern Family has been around for a long time, but I just started watching it recently.  Often iconic programs like this one display a representative sampling of the twelve astrological archetypes and it’s always fun to see who has been assigned which role.  (Other posts in this series: The Astrology of Grey’s [Read More...]

A Happy Medium

School Spirit

On Saturday, July 19th I was honored to bring a group of amateur and seasoned paranormal investigators to a Milwaukee landmark, the Marian Center for Nonprofits was St. Mary’s Academy, which dates back to the early 1900’s. Now an independent nonprofit corporation that is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, there had [Read More...]

Remnants of a Veil on the Wings of Harmony

My cardinal tenet to continue doing my part for our collective collaboration as a surviving and aspiring humanity is to find and sustain my inner coherence and harmonious sound.

Wake Up Call

City Monks vs. Country Monks. Can you really find inner peace anywhere?

Is a city environment detrimental to a rich spiritual life? As someone who commutes to and works in New York City, it is easy to see how the distractions of the city could easily extinguish your spiritual light. But I found a group that is totally committed to following the spiritual path—and they not only [Read More...]

Sarah Over the Moon

Reclaiming “Third Way”

I’ve reached a point in my life where I cringe whether I hear someone talk about a “Third Way.” Regardless of the context, this term is often used by privileged white men as a way to avoid responsibility, ignore power structures, and decenter marginalized people in order to protect the feelings of the privileged. The [Read More...]

A Goddess in LA

Your life will change if you change this.

I woke up this morning thinking about having to have a business conversation that I don’t really want to have (but know that it is in my best interests to have). Like most people, I am the least adept at life mastery in the wee hours (keep this in mind the next time it’s 4:00 [Read More...]

Pluralism, Pragmatism, Progressivism

The Sacred in Music

Poetry and music engage us in ways beyond what can be contained in prose alone. Poetry uses language playfully to gesture beyond the more straightforward meaning of most texts, offering the possibility of breaking open fixed ideas to new possibilities. As Emily Dickinson once mused about the power of poetry: Tell all the truth but [Read More...]

Spirituality and Consciousness

Changing Consciousness – Changing Us

Changing Consciousness – Changing Us By Pamala Oslie   Many believe that consciousness is shifting. If that’s true, will humans basically be the same, just nicer and more accepting? Or will bigger changes occur? What will we be able to do?   As babies, when we had developed enough to become mobile, we began crawling. [Read More...]

The Divine Feminine


When I enrolled in massage school so many years ago, it was yet another foray into the quest for me-ness? You know, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Not expecting too much, after all it was just massage therapy, I threw myself wholly into the process. And, not realizing at the [Read More...]

Evolutionary Thinning of the Veil

What is happening today is indeed a "thinning of the Veil" between human and Divine, leading, it certainly appears, toward what the Sufis call "the Supreme Identity"—the identity between a human soul and a divine God in a yet deeper or higher Godhead.

Living Awakening: Behind the Veil

Seeing through the veil is useless unless we live up to the largeness of our most awakened moments. An awakening asks us not only to seize the opportunities we're being given, but to let them inspire the way we live.

Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart: A Guided Meditation with Images
By Christine Valters Paintner