Rapper Threatens to Make a Sex Slave of Melania Trump

The Left loved calling out misogyny when it was aimed at Michelle Obama, but for some reason, they don’t care when it’s directed at our new first lady.

On the heels of Snoop Dogg pointing a gun at a clown dressed up like Donald Trump in his new video, another rapper is taking aim at the Trump family in a new and horrible way.

Shad Moss, Bow Wow in the rap world (maybe you remember him as Lil’ Bow Wow), sent a disgusting message to our president about his wife via Twitter. He was mad that Trump called out Snoop’s hypocrisy:

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.46.10 PM

Can you believe that shizzle? Seriously, where is the feminist outrage that an immigrant woman was just threatened to be enslaved into a world of sex? Nothing?!

Twitter has banned conservatives for saying much less. The silence from the Left is deafening. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Trump was right when he said:

Same goes for Bow Wow.

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