Haircare ad featuring white girls angers black women who think the product is exclusively theirs

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Now I’ve heard it all! Who knew a haircare commercial could be so racist for featuring a diverse cast!

College Candy has the story:

Shea Moisture is a company that has served as the standard go-to for many black women when it comes to their hair. Well, it was the go-to… until their new ad campaign came out with a video that featured more white women than women of color aka the brand’s main consumers. In an attempt to expand their consumer audience, Shea Moisture has ended up losing many of their loyal costumers who feel that the company wasn’t showing appreciation for their business.

I would say, “Oh, brother,” but I think that’s offensive, too.

This reaction on Twitter pretty much sums ups what’s wrong with leftists:

Is this really a problem in 2017?

Unbelievably, Shea Moisture actually pulled the spot and issued an apology:

Ugh. They should’ve never caved for the apology. We can’t let them win.

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