“Howlin’ Ukuleles, Batman!”

This VOX Ukulele commercial is a ton of fun — partially because of the music, partially because of the performer, and partially because “UKULELES!” May it brighten your Tuesday as much as it has brightened mine.YouTube Preview ImageThe fellow doing the pickin’ is Jack Mauro — the same guy who wrote and performs the song. And he’s got a definite BBVD vibe going on in there. (Can a BBVD vibe ever be a bad thing? I submit that it cannot.) The younger set of the Susanka Sons are huge fans. And I promise it’ll get your toes a-tappin’. (If it doesn’t, you might want to check and see if you actually have toes.)

Here’s the entire “Old Dog Howlin'” track, courtesy of his Bandcamp site:

In the interest of full disclosure, Jack is the son of a good friend. Which means that I’m practically famous myself. Woo-hooo! (There are few things I love more than being an Artist-by-Association. Since I’ll never make it on my own.)

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