Prejudice-Free Soundtrack Listening

Several weeks ago, I stumbled across a promotional featurette involving A Film That Shall Remain Temporarily Nameless But Which I Have No Intention Of Watching Any Time Soon. While the details are hazy to me at the moment — tabbed browsing can get a bit crazy at times — the Trailer in Question somehow ended up in a background tab. Which means that its music was allowed to play unchecked and blessedly emancipated from any potentially damaging associations. (The clip itself is dialogue-free.)

My ears perked up right off the bat, when the brass made their presence felt — Goldsmith Horns FTW! — and by the time the drums kicked in, I was sold. Wonderfully invigorating stuff, and the steadily-building excitement — the “drive” — is palpable. So, in an attempt to share my prejudice-free listening experience with others, here’s a (hopefully) SPOILER-free version from YouTube.


If your first thought was “This sounds like Tarzan,” then NERD!!!

Also, yes. That’s exactly what I thought. Only with a healthy dose of Americana at the opening — Goldsmith Horns still FTW! — and a lot less Phil Collins. (An additional aural experiment: try focusing on the orchestration in this clip instead of the exceedingly-familiar melody line. The drums give it away.)

In short, while it’s entirely possible that I’ll be avoiding Planes like the plague, it’s also entirely possible that I’m going to have to get my hands on Mark Mancina’s score as soon as possible. (I’ll put it with my Con Air soundtrack. Should fit nicely.)

"Did you manage to find if this was Alda or Asimov? I can't find either."

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