A Little Mid-Week Tempestuousness

I’m still spreadsheeting, so my emotional state is not entirely stable.

…OK, yes. “Not entirely stable” is a pretty generous way of describing it. Let’s just say that this Beethoven portrait is an accurate representation of my mood at the moment. So the  first (and paramount) order of business this morning was to hunt down a musical antidote to my mood — one that both acknowledged my general dissatisfaction and helped me transition to a brighter outlook. Which means, of course…

It’s Tempest Time!!!

YouTube Preview Image

“The Tempest” has long been my favorite of the lesser-known Beethoven sonatas, partially because I like to think of myself as a bit tempestuous (though I’m not), and partially because I once constructed an entire never-shot film short around it. But mostly it’s because the third movement is absolutely amazing. (Speaking of amazing, that’s pretty much the word for this lecture from one of my favorite pianists and classical commentators: András Schiff.)

May it brighten your day. (By which I mean “I hope this brightens my day. ‘Cause I could sure do with a bit o’ brightening.”)

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  • GinaRD

    It’s always a good time for Beethoven!