Seeing Isn’t Always Believing

I’ll be honest; even after repeated viewings and reviewings (and an entire night to let it all sink in), I’m still not entirely convinced this play is even possible.

In debates concerning the game’s greatest defensive shortstops, I’ve always been an earnest Omar Vizquel supporter — partially because the bulk of his career occurred during my formative baseball years, and partially because he was so incredibly smooth. Yet even he (in my profoundly unscientific opinion) was no Wizard in terms of those jaw-dropping “He just did WHAT???” moments that are a defensive master’s true calling card. (In fact, I think Vizquel’s smoothness might actually have worked against him in that particular area; he had a way of making the ridiculously-difficult look almost routine.)

Is Detroit’s Jose Iglesias worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence (or paragraph, or book) as Vizquel and Smith? It’s really early for that conversation.

But that play? That play’s as head-shakingly unbelievable as they come.

Attribution(s): “Drawing of Someone Trying to Catch a Baseball Who Is Most Definitely Not Jose Iglesias” provided by Shutterstock.

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