Amazing Animal Congregations

I love large groups of animals. Mostly (I like to tell myself), it’s because I’m fascinated by the often stark differences between “Crowd” and “Individual” behaviors. But I suspect it’s at least partially because I feel like I’m surrounded by my own little Large Group of Animals each and every day. (And yes, there is a dramatic differences between my sons’ isolated and crowd behaviors. We’re workin’ on that.)

This MyModernMetropolis post (found via LaughingSquid) is called “12 Amazing Photos of Animal Congregations.” And its title is accurate. Entirely accurate.

The first image, from “conservation photographer” Florian Schulz, features “an unprecedented congregation of rays.” I’m not convinced “unprecedented” is a strong enough word for that shot, but my reaction — *jawdroptothebasement* — probably isn’t quite the right word, either. (Or a word at all, for that matter.)

The middle picture features a group of walruses. (“Group.” Hah!) And it comes from ChukotTINRO. Otherwise known as The Federal State Organization of the Pacific Research Fisheries Center, Chukotka Branch. Whatever that means. (Mostly unrelated, but did you know that a group of bears is called a sleuth? I love that.)

The last image was snapped by “acclaimed African wildlife photographer Greg du Toit,” who wrote a fascinating blog post about it. Also… …they’re bats. Sorry.

My favorite congregating shot of the day doesn’t come from that link, though. It comes from National Geographic’s “Your Shot” site. And it’s called “Cloud of Tadpoles.”


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