Whittaker’s Wonderful World of Whistling

I’ve always been a whistler. Always, though it frequently drives my wife, my boys, and my co-workers — even, ironically, me — nuts.

Actually, maybe I should rephrase that: I’d always considered myself a whistler. Until the day I heard this for the first time:

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My folks listened to Roger Whittaker religiously when I was growing up. Especially on Fridays, when we did the majority of our housecleaning. So many fond memories. (Yes, I like housecleaning. Does that make things awkward between us?)

Years later, I still find his voice extraordinary– so warm and so mellow. And the twinge of accent gets me every time. But his whistling’s not extraordinary.

It’s just flat-out absurd.

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Joseph has been doing development work for institutions of Catholic higher education since graduating from Thomas Aquinas College in 1999. A grateful resident of Wyoming, he spends his free time exploring the beautiful Wind River Mountains, keeping track of his (currently) seven sons, being amazed by his (currently) lone daughter, and thanking his lucky stars for Netflix.

  • Naomi Kietzke Young

    I hustled over to iTunes to discover that, alas, there is no copy of one of my favorite, late, lamented vinyl albums: Pour mes ami Quebecois, featuring the rollicking number “Un Elephant Sur Mon Balcon” And I know the lyrics to “Mon Pays Vieux” better than “Durham Town,” but it’s the same melody. (Apologies for the lack of accent marks, it has been a long day.)

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/summathissummathat Joseph Susanka

      I see an album or two on Ebay, Naomi. But that’s the only place it seems to be available. I can get a bit of the flavore from this YouTube version, in which he is clearly having an enormous amount of fun. (I have some faint memories of “Mon Pays Vieux,” probably because my mother’s folks are French Canadian and that album was probably floating around the family at some point. Haven’t thought about it in years, though.)

  • Ann Waterman

    Whoa! Thanks for that walk down memory lane, Joseph. I haven’t heard that song in ages. I grew up listening to Roger Wittaker and even saw him in concert. OK, off to add him to my Pandora channels!

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/summathissummathat Joseph Susanka

      Roger Whittaker is one of those folks I love every time I hear him, Ann. And every time I stumble across him again, I find myself wondering why I don’t listen to him more. Such a great voice. (And, of course, as mentioned above, the WHISTLING!)