Mark O’Connor, Gypsies, and a Whole Mess of Fiddles

For years now, I’ve been searching for a readily-available version of the legendary Mark O’Connor’s highly unusual Fiddle Concerto. It’s a really fun piece of music, and one that deserves to be much better known.

The downside to my long-suffering search? I’m regularly demoralized by my inability to find a YouTube link (or playlist) to share with y’all. (There’s Grooveshark, I guess. But I’m not confident that their links will last after I link to them.)

The upside? I almost-as-regularly stumble across things like this:

YouTube Preview Image

Three things I’d like to note, in particular:

1. That’s from an event put on by Berklee College called “Mark O’Connor Meets Berklee.” (Apparently, he’s a regular performer/guest professor there.)

2. It’s awesome. I think my face melted off. So. Many. FIDDLES!

3. There’s more. Lots. You can watch highlights, if you’d like …or the entire thing.

You’re welcome. Don’t mention it.

And don’t worry. I’ll keeping lookin’ for the Concerto.

UPDATE: Mr. O’Connor pointed me to this video of the concerto’s third movement — my favorite movement! — which he performed with the New York All State Youth Orchestra in 2008. (Hang on a second. Let me go over that again, just in case you missed it. Mark O’Connor sent this to me. He, himself. Yes, I’m geekin’ out. Just a bit.)

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  • Brian Sullivan

    Now I want to see the American Music Shop special. Was it ever released on DVD/CD?

    • Joseph Susanka

      Great question, Brian. Mark O’Connor’s official YouTube account has a playlist of highlights, but I’m not about the entire show. You’ve made me curious, though. So now I’m goin’ hunting!

      • Brian Sullivan

        Maybe your buddy Mark O’Connor knows? :-)

        • Joseph Susanka

          I’ll reach out to him with that very question, Brian. Partially because I’m anxious to know myself…and partially because I I’m still geekin’ out a bit at the fact that I can reach out to him.


        • Joseph Susanka


          Maestro O’Connor tells us (here) that he and his crew have the entire series. And that they’ll be adding it to the official O’Connor YouTube playlist (here) week by week.

          • Brian Sullivan

            I take what I can get on YouTube from Mark. A DVD would be great, but there could be legal issues there. Thanks for sneaking me in on Twitter….!