Music for the Octave of St. Cecilia

I realize that I’m a day (or two …or three) late. But I’d like to make the auditory case for not being a dollar (or two …or three) short. Or as my father always used to put it, “I’m late, but I’m sincere.”

Listen to this playlist.

And this one (which takes about 20 seconds to get rolling).

AND this one.

There. I rest my case.

(I’m pretty sure the Handel is my favorite, though I’ve always been fonder of the Gonoud than I can explain. Also, no. I don’t think there’s an actual octave for the Feast of St. Cecilia. Or at least not one that is commonly celebrated. But there’s simply too much good Cecilian music for me to allow her feast to pass entirely unnoticed.)

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