The Day I Was Glad To See Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann doesn’t get a lot of love in my corner of the InterWebs.

That’s not a surprise, really. My circles are mostly Right-leaning, Keith has a highly abrasive-style and a not-insignificant ego, and many of my friends are of an age where they’re more familiar with Olbermann’s politics than with his sportscasting career. (That 1989 mustache was just…wow.)

Whatever the reason(s), he’s long been persona non grata in and around my social networks. But this segment on the passing of legendary Padres announcer Jerry Coleman deserves to be an exception:

YouTube Preview Image

Attribution(s): “Olbermann in a Shirt” provided by s_bukley/

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  • bharper8

    Thanks. It is good to know that Keith Olbermann can be touched, and touching.

    • Joseph Susanka

      My thoughts exactly, Bob. As I told my wife last night, I’m not anxious to seek out his thoughts on non-sports topics as a result of this piece. But I will have a more sympathetic lens through which to view him should such topics pass across my horizon.