The Big Bach Puzzler

Over at NPR’s “Deceptive Cadence” blog, Tom Huizenga has a fun little quiz called “Wig Out With The Big Bach Puzzler.”

His music, as compelling today as it was centuries ago, continues to inspire artists of all stripes. So if you thought you knew a few things about the granddaddy of classical music, try this puzzler to see just how brainy you are when it comes to Bach.


I did just fine, for which I blame my uncle. His huge (and awesome) ol’ reel-to-reel player was the first place I ever bumped into that Apollo 100 cut (SPOILERS). Also, interestingly, the first place I ever heard Mason Williams’ “Classical Gas.” Fond memories, indeed.

My only complaint with this quiz? It’s too short. (“Big?” Really, NPR?) I was barely able to stretch my Classical Music Nerd legs before it was done. So I moved on over to Sporcle, which is always fun. Except the classical music quizzes over there are all too short/too easy, too.


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