Lifestyles of the Young and Liturgically Impressionable

A brief account of my favorite moment from the just-completed Triduum. (Well, OK. Fine. My second-favorite moment. Right after the Paschal Vigil’s tintinnabulous Gloria, which is always my favorite moment. Because I’m a lousy Lent person.)

During Good Friday’s General Intercessions, our cantor intoned “Let us kneel!” beautifully, as is his wont. And then, after an appropriate period of silence, equally beautifully, “Let us stand!” Around the third intercession or so, David the Fourth Son, who is alternately standing-and-kneeling next to me as instructed, rolls his eyes dramatically and says (in his best stage whisper):

Can you just make up your mind already???

Ah, kids. Never a dull moment with ’em. (Also, David’s “Best Stage Whisper” is really heavy on the “Best” and really, really light on the “Whisper.” So…yeah. Loud. My ears may have been red and/or burning.)

Attribution(s): “Winking David” is my photo. I can’t remember the scenario that brought it about, but the underlying mischief is one I know well.

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