In which I take my life in my hands…

…by recommending a half-dozen films for young kids over at SlowMama.

Why is it so risky, you ask? Because a) it’s hard, and b) parents:

Few things are as nerve-racking for me as recommending films for young children. The key is knowing your audience, of course — but with youngsters, there are so many variables.

…then there’s the fact that recommending films for children isn’t just about the kids and their comfort zone(s) and interest(s): It’s just as important to know about the loves, interests, and tolerances of their parents, who will always take a keen interest in what their little ones are watching (and most times end up watching along with them).

As a parent and frequent receiver and critiqué-er of recommendations myself, I’m shaking in my boots right now. Literally. (I’m literally wearing boots, that is. Because.)

Still, with great risk comes great potential for success:

But while few things are as nerve-racking for me as recommending films for young children, few things are more rewarding for me than recommending films for young children and getting them right! 

Attribution(s): That wonderful Miyazaki still is the property of Walt Disney Pictures and other respective production studios and distributors, and is intended for editorial use only.

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