Archives for July 2013

A Christian Case for Nonviolence: A Q&A with Author Preston Sprinkle

If I can be so bold, I think that many (not all) who advocate for a violent response to evil, or who believe that America’s military can solve the world’s problems or keep evil at bay, have been more shaped by our American militaristic culture than the Bible. [Read more…]

Finding God in the Bible: A Q&A with Author Darren Wilson

I just love the patience that God has and the characters he chooses to hang out with. It gives me hope. If He’s willing to call these guys his friends, then doggone it, I think I got a chance. [Read more…]

The Social Media Gospel: A Q&A with Digital Strategist Meredith Gould

Working writer Meredith Gould was using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook (in that order) before many of us working in and around the church had heard the term social media. A marketing communications professional with decades of secular experience, Gould now focuses on counseling churches and mission-based organizations about how to thrive in the digital age. In July 2011, [Read More…]