As If…We Believed the Prophets

Matthew 3:1-12 Every year during the third week of January, I like to repost on my blog a little essay I wrote in 2006.  That year, my kids were 7, 8, and 11, and we lived in Washington, D.C. They were all enrolled in school, but they had the Martin Luther King Day as a [Read More…]

The Election is Over. Stop the Silence.

Objectively speaking, there has been very little in the political world that one might call good about the months leading up to the election. Now that the election is over (sort of), for Christian leaders everywhere there is at least one very, very good thing. Here it is: Donald Trump is no longer a candidate [Read More…]

As If…We Were Paying Attention

Matthew 24:36-44 It’s known in church history circles as the Great Disappointment.  Followers of Baptist minister William Miller quit their jobs in preparation for October 22, 1844, when Miller was convinced (and had convinced many others) that Jesus would come again.  He called the impending return “the Advent,” and taught widely and compellingly that Jesus [Read More…]

What Will Save Us

Luke 1:68-79 I don’t know how it was at YOUR house on Thanksgiving Day, but at my house growing up, Thanksgiving was one of those Norman Rockwell kinds of holidays . . . at least my Mom did her very best to make it seem so. I remember my Mom getting up very early in [Read More…]


Below are some excerpts from the forward I wrote to Elizabeth Hagan’s new book, Birthed.  Navigating the grief embedded in the human experience is something we all face, and this beautiful story will give universal words to your own personal pain.  Take a read and then check out the book! “At first glance I assumed [Read More…]

Meeting in the Ladies’ Room

Amy Butler and Leslie Copeland-Tune Okay, ladies. Huddle up. We’re having this meeting in the Ladies’ Room because we have a serious problem that can no longer be ignored. You don’t have to be even all that in touch with world events to know that the state of women in the world is pretty grim. [Read More…]

What Will Destroy Us

Luke 21:5-19 1905 there was a very passionate young librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library who worked as the superintendent of children’s department.  With much conviction, she came to her supervisor one day with the request that the books The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer be removed from the children’s [Read More…]

Poetry Corner

Zero Circle Be helpless, dumbfounded, Unable to say yes or no. Then a stretcher will come from grace To gather us up.We are too dull-eyed to see that beauty If we say we can, we’re lying. If we say No, we don’t see it, That No will behead us And shut tight our window onto [Read More…]

God Showed Up: A Meditation for the Day After

  Today I walked into the building and got in an elevator with a group of about 12 Columbia students attending class in our building.  They were tense and silent, and then I said to them: I’m so sorry.  Several of them began to cry. Something happened in our country yesterday that goes far beyond [Read More…]


All Saints’ Day Ephesians 1:11-23 On Monday, March 4, 1861, as part of taking the oath of office for his first term as the sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln delivered his first inaugural address. The situation in the country was dire.  Seven states had seceded from the union; Jefferson Davis had been [Read More…]