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Adam Ericksen is the Education Director for The Raven Foundation. He writes blogs and films vlogs at Teaching Nonviolent Atonement and the Raven Foundation website that explore the intersections of mimetic theory, the news, religion, and popular culture.

Top 7 Ways to Thrive During Thanksgiving Family Conflict

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Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a time to give thanks for all of the wonderful things in our lives. Or, is it just another stressful time of forced family fun?If you are like me, it’s a little bit of both. I’m thankful for my family, but from personal experience I also know that family is one of the leading causes of stress during the holiday season.Family can be full of love, but it can also be a breeding ground for hostility. For example, throughout the Bible many brothers and sisters, parent … [Read more...]

The RavenCast: Episode 5 with Paul Nuechterlein: Thankful for Rene Girard and Creating a Better Future

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MP3VideoShow NotesPaul Nuechterlein is the Contributing Theologian for Theology and Peace, he is the creator of the immensely helpful website “Girardian Reflections on the Lectionary,” and Paul has just started a new project called “Discipleship Seminars in Mimetic Theory.”In this episode, Paul gives thanks for the life of René Girard. Paul credits Girard for changing everything about the way he thinks about life, relationships, faith, and the Bible. Paul explores the mime … [Read more...]

The Anti-Christ Immigration Response of US Governors and the Kingdom of God

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Christians are called to be a light to the nations. The world can’t wait any longer for us to live into that mission.And make no mistake about it – that mission is political. After all, Jesus preached the Kingdom of God.Kingdom. Of. God.This is not simply a personal ethic. I often hear evangelicals and conservatives say, “God wants everything from us” and “God demands our all.” But somehow many also claim that “everything” and “all” doesn’t include our politics because Jesus only gave … [Read more...]

The RavenCast: The Politics of Violence and the Politics of Jesus

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The DiscussionMP3:Show Notes*How should we respond to terrorist attacks in Paris?Nearly 90% of people killed in American drone attacks were not targeted. American violence is terrorizing the Middle East, labeling all “unknown people it kills as ‘Enemies Killed in Action,’” but they are often civilians. (The Intercept: The Drone Papers: The Assassination Complex.)Last Thursday, the United States killed “Jihadi John” in a drone strike, killing the man responsible for beh … [Read more...]

Mimetic Theory, Desmond Tutu, and the Blank Red Starbucks Cup

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The human sense of identity is very fragile, especially when we seek it in the wrong places.Whenever I get angry at someone, my spiritual director tells me to enter into that person’s “map.” What does the world look and feel like from that person’s point of view? From within their shoes? Of course, we can never really know the answer to that question, but it’s an exercise in empathy, which I think is crucially important if we are going to follow Jesus in loving our neighbors, who include even … [Read more...]

RavenCast: Episode 3 with Matthew Distefano – All Set Free

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Show Notes:In the third episode of the RavenCast, Adam talks with Matthew Distefano about his book, All Set Free: How Christ Reveals God and Why That Is Really Good News. We discuss topics like: what Christ reveals about God, violence in the Bible, heaven and hell, how to love your neighbor as yourself, and Atonement.You can keep up with Matthew on his website, "All Set Free" and at the Raven Foundation.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0L6Q9D5ojI … [Read more...]

In Memory of René Girard: The Truth about Life and Death

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Many scholars have claimed that René Girard’s mimetic theory is one of the most important insights of the 20th century. But those of us who have been highly influenced by René know better. For us, it is not an overstatement to state that René’s explanation of mimetic theory is the most important discovery of human nature in the last 2,000 years. That is, since the Gospels.This morning brought the news that René has passed away at age 91. “Girardians,” as we are called, have been on social med … [Read more...]