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Adam Ericksen is the Education Director for The Raven Foundation. He writes blogs and films vlogs at Teaching Nonviolent Atonement and the Raven Foundation website that explore the intersections of mimetic theory, the news, religion, and popular culture.

Valentine’s Day Originated in National Resistance

Forget flowers. Chocolate? Nah.Valentine’s Day is about one thing: national resistance in the name of love.Make no mistake. St. Valentine was hard core. He lived during the 3rd century, under the threat of persecution. Legend claims that the Roman Emperor prohibited young men to marry. He believed that married soldiers would be distracted by concerns for their wives and children. St. Valentine, National Resistance, and the God of Love St. Valentine rebelled against this national edict i … [Read more...]

Tom Brady and the Patriots: Leaving God Out of the Super Bowl

Once again, I’m compelled to write about my love-hate relationship with Tom Brady.It wasn’t supposed to happen this year. Brady was suspended for the first four games of the season because of “Deflategate.”  That penalty was supposed to ensure the Patriots would lose their first four games. Instead, the Evil Empire Patriots defied expectations and went 3-1.And they defied expectations during the Super Bowl with the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. Headlines across the Internet clai … [Read more...]

Bible Matters: The Prophet Joel: Should You Fear the “Day of the Lord”?

The Prophet Joel said the Day of the Lord is coming! Is this just some ancient wacko prophet? Or does he have something to tell us? And if the Day of the Lord is coming, what should you do?Joel says to repent. We usually think of repentance as getting "right with God," but for the prophets repentance is also about "getting right" with our fellow human beings.Joel says that we often act like a destructive swarm of locusts, uniting with one another against a common enemy. Joel invites us … [Read more...]

Why Progressives Should Be Hopeful: Trump, Immigration, and the Media

It was another chaotic weekend for the Trump administration.It began with Steve Bannon taking on the mainstream media. On Thursday, Bannon told the New York Times, “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while.” Then on Saturday Trump signed an executive order that “bars citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for the next 90 days and suspends the admission of all refugees for 120 days.”Confusion e … [Read more...]

Does Jesus Want Us To Be Doormats? Reflections on the Beatitudes

This Sunday, pastors throughout the world who follow the lectionary will preach on the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes begin the "Sermon on the Mount," which many scholars believe to be Jesus' fundamental teachings. A Doormat Ethic? Critics often say that Jesus calls his followers to be a doormat. They point to the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus says, "turn the other cheek," "love your enemies," and "pray for those who persecute you." In the Beatitudes, Jesus teaches, "Blessed are the poor in … [Read more...]

The Truth about Alternative Facts in the Trump Administration

What an amazing first couple of days for the Trump presidency! I’m not sure if “amazing” is the right word, but it’s a better word than surprising. No one should be surprised by how the Trump presidency is beginning.Just to recap the latest Trump scandal, Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, fought with the media of the size of the crowd. Why? Because Trump is all about size. He likes things big. He wants to be big. I mean BIG. Remember how big his hands are? We learned during the pr … [Read more...]

Bible Matters: The Prophet Hosea: Sex, Love, and Politics

Hosea is probably best known in Christian circles for the phrase God “desires steadfast love and not sacrifice.” Jesus quotes that verse from Hosea twice in the Gospel of Matthew. Love, not sacrifice was a vital lens for Jesus.(For more in the Bible Matters series, click here.)But Hosea’s book does not always reflect that verse. Understandably, it often reflects the violence and horror of Hosea’s time.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O878ovULn-M Political Chaos Hosea lived during one … [Read more...]