Packing for the Journey to Paganicon

PaganiconSquare-300x300What? Heading off again?  Didn’t I just get home? Yes, it sure feels like it, and don’t tell the cats, but we’re off soon to Minnesota!

Last year was my first Paganicon, and I’m really excited to be returning again – with bonus points on top because this year I was invited to be one of the Guests of Honor.  And our band is playing the Equinox Ball!  It’s an excellent, friendly, mid-size indoor Pagan convention in Minneapolis – and I highly recommend it!

I feel especially honored since usually it takes having some books published before getting one of those invites! And while I do have a book coming out in May and two more in the works, part of my brain went “OMG! really?” and the rest went: “Hey Witch, well you have been doing this for 20 years, are an accomplished artist, dancer, performer, writer, and give workshops that people apparently love.”  (I’m a Gemini, I’m quite prone to having debates in my head.)

In addition to having art in the art show, and vending in the vendor room (Owlkeyme Arts, next to Magus Books, end spot near the door according to the map), this is where you’ll finding me doing stuff if you’re attending Paganicon!

paganicon - 2016 photo
I made the paper last year – it looks like I was leading a ritual, but I just talk a lot with my hands…

3:30-5pm: The Authentic Witch: Crafting A Working Tradition – What does it mean to be an authentic Witch? Who or what sets the bar for authenticity? How can it define or impede your path? In this workshop, we’ll look at key elements for crafting an effective practice that works for you, from the perspective of the Modern Traditional Witch.

I may be making some special surprise appearances later that evening….

11:30am: Dogwood & Johnstone – Join the band for a delightful acoustic set – they rock hardcore with the full band, but are just as entertaining in the intimate acoustic experience.

1:00-2:30pm: Stirring The Cauldron: A Ritual Exploration of Movement – Movement is a key element to connecting the mind, body, and spirit. The more we can shift from static to active practice, the more embodied our magick and other metaphysical experiences become. In this ritual-meets-workshop, we’ll focus on how to incorporate dance elements into your practice regardless of age, ability, experience, or tradition, using the metaphorical cauldron as our guide

7:30-1pm: Equinox Ball – Anaar and I will kick off the evening with a fully improvised, created in the moment ritual dance with live music.  Then get your own dance on all evening long!

11:15am: The Journey to Our Own Personal Underworld (Panel Discussion) – Shadow work is crucial as individuals, as a community, and as a society. Let’s dig through some of our more occulted aspects to see what treasures we find. Join us for a lively discussion, and bring your own perceptions and questions to share.

1-2:30pm: The Witch’s Art – Artist, designer, and author Laura Tempest Zakroff will share with you the processes behind the creation of her art and the items she designs, and where it merges with magick, spellcraft, and devotional work. She will also guide you through how to consider integrating art and design into your own practice.Paganicon 2017 Tshirt Design 2

Also!  I won the design contest (2nd year in a row!) for the T-shirts – I can’t wait to see them! (The image to the left is the t-shirt artwork).

So if you’re heading to Minneapolis this coming weekend (March 17th-19th) for Paganicon, do stop by, say hello and introduce yourself! I’m looking to seeing a lot of familiar faces and meeting new ones!

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