In the sickroom – And voting and Back

Blogging will be very light to non-existant today. After doing a week with my son’s pneumonia and a weekend with S, I seem to have picked up an upper respiratory whatever, so I’m going to try to sleep/rest it away. I don’t care how I’m feeling tomorrow, I’ll be in that voting booth in the AM – voting to re-elect George W. Bush. Amen.

UPDATE: Okay, so I dragged my disgusting self (I am a coughing, sneezing, hacking depository of whatever I picked up at the pediatricians office – and yes, I covered when I coughed and used antiseptic wipes on my hands before voting so as not to infect the world) to the polling place in my neighborhood. It was necessary to wait for a parking space and I actually had to wait on a short line to vote – that is unheard of in our little town. While I wouldn’t say the polling place was “crowded” it was certainly busy. For the first time in my life, I voted a straight Republican ticket. My parents must be turning in their graves. It was with a bit of sadness that I voted against our Democrat Senator incumbent. I voted for him enthusiastically 6 years ago, and liked him, still, until about two years ago when I watched him obstruct and obstruct and obstruct from his committee chair, and realized he has a real problem with anyone who takes their faith seriously. So…straight Republican ticket. I never thought I’d live to see this day!

Now I am going to take the Merry Monk’s excellent suggestion and make a toddy and go back to bed. I see Drudge has his siren up, there are districts all over the USA that are going to be rampantly defrauded. My prayer is that President Bush will win, and by a landslide, so that we don’t need to investigate all of these pockets of fraud.

On the Roman calendar, this is the feast of All Souls day, when we remember our dead. I’m remembering the dead of 9/11, and the dead parents and children of Russia, the dead of Spain, Bali, Turkey and so many other places infected with the terrorists we battle today. I’m remembering our slain troops, the innocent dead of this war and of every war. I’m remembering Leon Klinghoffer and everyone who has died at the hands of a follower of these murderous thugs. And I’m remembering our recently deceased president, Ronald Reagan…and I’m asking ALL of them to pray for my nation today, and for a peaceful and proper outcome to this election. I believe George W. Bush is the man who should be president for the next 4 years. If God thinks differently, I’ll surrender to that. I just want to make sure it’s GOD that is speaking and not the Author of Confusion who has so taken hold of our press and our nation in the past few years. God help us all.

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