Rathergate report still not released

This is becoming a little bit like the old SNL line, “Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.” The CBS internal report regarding the fake – no, not forged, but FAKE – ANG “memoes” with which poor old Dan Rather was hoping to completely destroy Presidnt Bush’s re-election campaign, is STILL unreleased.

This was the report that was going to be released “sooner, rather than later.” Glad I didn’t hold my breath. Anyway, Tom Shales, over at the Washington Post gets just plain foolish as he tries to discuss the issue. Bummer Dietz corrects him handily. Hattip: Kerry Spot. No one has addressed the fact that Shales is simply promoting a lie a bit further in the piece, though, when writes about a soldier questioning Rumsfeld, but fails to mention that the soldier was prompted by a reporter who made sure the question was asked, and then bragged about the set-up. Shales is simply intellectually dishonest, but that’s a problem with a large percentage of a press that is largely held unaccountable for much of anything.

I’m still trying to figure out how a press that has spent 4 years ridiculing the president as “incurious” had – and still has – absolutely NO curiousity at all about Lt. Kerry’s unreleased military/medical/discharge records and fitness reports…why they were so completely incurious as to his refusal to sign the standard form 180 or to engage in any direct Q&A regarding the charges of the Swift boat vets…but it’s a funny old world, I guess. One candidate released everything and had every page so thoroughly scrutinized that a retired dentist was even nagged into verifying his signature on a dental exam form…one candidate released only what he chose to release and nothing was checked out or questioned. Yeah…funny old world.

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