The NY Times Cannot be Trusted with Numbers

Or, apparently, with simple things like DATES. Check this out, it’s really deplorable:

Tigerhawk takes a minute to actually look at the analysis of the post-election stock market surge and notes that through selectivity, the Times manages to underplay the staggering rise in the DJIA…that its growth is actually 47% higher than the Times claims. 47%!

Oh…and, did you know that Harry Truman was elected president in 1944 and Teddy Roosevelt was elected in 1900? Really!

Whaddya mean, I’m wrong, it’s in the freaking New Yawk Times! You know! The PAPER OF RECORD!

The NY Times can no longer be trusted with numbers, or with dates. It cannot be trusted with much of anything. The NY Times runs with scissors and needs constant supervision or it will routinely descend into self-and-other-destructive behavior.

Egad, what a disgrace that paper has become. How far are the mighty fallen.

My 15 year old could do better. Hattip to

Also, while we’re talking deplorable, check out this Northwester University professor’s naked anti-semitism via CUANAS and LGF. From what I have read in the past, Northwestern doesn’t have many conservative instructors on staff. Has anti-semites, though.

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