Here comes Hillary and her Religious Tracts

I’m no prognosticator – my predictions are usually wrong, but I think I predicted this a few months ago – like on November 3 – that Hillary Clinton would soon be declaring, “The truth is I have always been a praying person.” Hmmm, echoes of her senatorial run, when she put a Yankee Cap on her head and swore, “The truth is I have always been a Yankees fan!”

My beloved bums have lost the World Series ever since.

I recall that both times Bill Clinton ran for president, we were treated to stories about how Hillary kept Christian tracts in her handbag.

Here they come again. Now Hillary is backing faith based initiatives as she continues her move rightward in anticipation of 2008.

You know, it occurs to me that most women learn not to be this transparent, just as part of being female.

Two years ago, though, Hillary warned about how faith-based initiatives would create enormous trouble for our nation, particularly if “ideologically conservative groups like the KKK decided to call themselves churches…”

Ugh. Just ugh.

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