To the point on Nipplegate

Frank Rich is a prejudiced boob of staggering proportions. Mickey Kaus, while no boob, doesn’t quite have his finger on it, either, although the objections his “non-evangelical, non-moralistic dads who were uniformly horrified” by the goings on at last years Super Bowl Halftime Show…are quite legitimate, and have the added benefit of being politically correct.

People were not offended by Janet Jackson’s nipple because they’re joyless prudes and simpletons, no matter how much the “tolerant and enlightened” types at the NY Times would like to believe it and push that notion.

The biggest reason people objected to Nipplegate was not the site of Jackson’s sad litttle boobie. It was because they weren’t given the CHOICE as to whether they wanted to see it. Families watching the Super Bowl were expecting a uniformly lame halftime show. They hadn’t signed on for more than that.

No one who knows me would call me or my friends prudes – there is just a world of difference between choosing to watch a program with nudity and adult themes (ripping a woman’s clothing off would certainly qualify) and having such a program thrust upon you. You’d think “smart” people like Frank Rich would be able to make such a distinction. I mean…it’s not exactly a fine one.

I’m sick of reading all this pompous, faux-sophistication about how “it was only a breast…it was only a nipple, get over it.”

It’s not about the breast. It’s not about the nipple. It’s about having the choice as to whether or not you want to see it or not, and having your sensibilities respected. Some of us are trying to raise children who understand and appreciate the idea that we are to treat others as we’d like to be treated, respectfully and with some dignity.

Red staters – even those of us who live in blue states – have a particular appreciation for personal autonomy and individual freedom. We like making our own choices and decisions. We don’t like being told, “THIS is your entertainment, and if you don’t like it, you’re a bilious and unsophisticated bumpkin.” That’s not respectful. It does not treat the audience with dignity, especially not when this entertainment we’re supposed to “take” reflects values that insult men and victimize women. Gosh – you’d think blue-staters would catch on to THAT at least, wouldn’t you?

Liberals are the most deluded and completely out-of-touch people on the planet…but in their insulated little worlds, they really do believe they know it all. Sad.

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