Reuters covers Easongate – from the “Hollywood Reporter”

Well, the story is definately breaking into the mainstream press.

But filed by Reuters…from the Hollywood Reporter.

CNN on Thursday sought to quell the media frenzy enveloping a top executive who suggested that U.S. troops were deliberately firing on journalists in Iraq (news – web sites).

By Paul J. Gough
NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) –

During a Jan. 27 session at the World Economic Forum (news – web sites) in Davos, Switzerland, CNN executive vp/chief news executive Eason Jordan reportedly said that 12 journalists had been targeted and killed by U.S. troops in Iraq.

While Jordan was challenged about the figure and the assertion itself — and according to a witness, he backpedaled and clarified — Jordan’s remarks have caused a firestorm of criticism that has moved from hundreds of blogs through the conservative press and into the mainstream media.

“Mr. Jordan emphatically does not believe that the U.S. military intended to kill journalists and believes these accidents to be cases of ‘mistaken identity,”‘ a CNN statement said.

A CNN spokesman added, “Unfortunately, he was not clear enough in explaining his assertion.”

Am I the only one who thinks it odd that a story with such strong political implications finally catches the press’ eye when it comes from the “entertainment” sector? Tsk. Won’t do.

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