Mary Mapes is shopping her book. Whoda thunk it?

Big surprise, Mary Mapes is shopping a book about Rathergate wherein she’ll tell the REAL story. Prepare yourself for the deluge of publicity the renewal of that “nagging question” regarding President Bush’s TANG service and the always repulsive site of Katie Couric leaning forward to ask one of her intensely serious questions as her eyes spin around in her head like two pinwheels in a storm.

Ms. Mapes’ book proposal will include 40 pages of analysis and documentation that she offered to the panel to back up the documents’ authenticity. In an addendum to that material—supplied on the condition it not be directly quoted—Ms. Mapes avoids direct discussion of fonts and character spacing.

Instead, she argues that the substance of the memos meshes with Mr. Bush’s known records (the panel had claimed the documents clashed) and that inconsistencies in their format could have reflected the work of different typists—as found, she argues, in some of the official records.

Hmmmm…I wonder if she’ll devote a chapter to Joe Lockhart and that strange synchronicity that happens, sometimes, when planets mysteriously align and suddenly political campaigns are running “Fortunate Son” ads at exactly the same moment a “Fortunate Son” sort of story is “breaking.”

Ya think? You think she’ll write about that?

When last seen, Joe Lockhart, who had joined the Kerry campaign immediately prior to CBS’s acquiring the faked documents, was slick with flop sweat, tie undone and eyes wide with panic.

I’d like to read more about that.

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