B-XVI Roundups from Left and Right

Very impressive round up on all things Benedict and breaking. Yeeeeehah!

Meanwhile, Dirty Harry is CONVINCED Ratzinger was the right choice, mostly on the basis of how fast and hard the left are howling.

Professor Bainbridge is watching Andrew Sullivan’s head explode, as well.

I must say, they really, really HATE him, and they’re not even trying to hide it. No honeymoon for Benedict XVI. I just heard someone on CNN call him a “Catholic NEOCON.”

You KNOW how much they hate neocons! :-)

Basically the press seems to be saying, “Oh, no! They elected a CATHOLIC! Liberals are doomed! DOOMED!”

I wonder if this election will not hasten an exodus of progressives from the church – to bring into reality and focus the schism which has been bubbling under the surface for a while.

Pray for Benedict XVI. It is no easy thing to have so much hatred and malice being directed toward you. He will need our prayers.

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  • http://www.dicing.blogspot.com noceon

    MSM Howling means that BXVI must be good news for the world. A man who stands by his beliefs follows a man who gave us something to belive in. Vive il Papa and a long and healthy life to him.

  • http://cassandra2004.blogspot.com/2005/04/msmdnc-starts-early.html salt1907

    Click on my name to see how Reuters uses “ventriloquist journalism” to poison the well early.

  • Dan

    Of course they hate him, he speaks the truth, and calls sin SIN.

    This was the supreme in your face election of our lifetime.

    The College KNEW that NO Cardinal was more hated by the MSM than was the Ironclad Kardinal himself. AND YET THEY SELECTED HIM ANYWAY.

    WAY TO GO.

  • Darrell

    “Neo-con” is MSM shorthand for a Jew who is not left-of-center. Jewish intellectuals are supposed to be either Socialist or Communist due to the origins of those political philosophies… So a “Neo-con” has “left the reservation” as is not supposed to be trusted. They have to keep their slurs straight!

  • Kevin Peters


    If you want to know how to cook a steak you don’t ask a veggan. If a Cardinal wanted advice on the future of the Church the last source they would use would be the editorial boards of the NYT and the LAT.They very fact that this will disturb the MSM and the Liberation Theology (marxist) crowd is a sign that the Holy Spirit was with the Cardinals. They will feign love of John Paul II by saying the new Pope is not up to JPII standards but in regards to doctrine they are almost identical. They want the church to become Episcopalian because they know that once that happens the church will fade away. pope Benedict XVI is a message to the post modern relatavists to pound sand. Amen, Praise the Lord.

  • http://empireviews.blogspot.com Ann Wilson

    If the lefties hate him, that is a good sign. And His Holiness has this Omnist-path Pagan’s prayers to the Remover of Obstacles for his success. One needn’t be Catholic, or even Christian, to see that the Catholic Church needs someone like Benedict XVI to keep it on track.

    NB — Referring to him as B-XVI has some really weird connotations to one with a strong military background!

  • http://www.theglitteringeye.com Dave Schuler

    To be perfectly honest I’d have liked to have seen a pope from the developing world. The discipline issues don’t bother me as much as they seem to some American Catholics and I’m glad and, of course, not surprised that they picked someone who was rock-solid on issues of dogma.

    I’d also liked to have seen a pope who was willing to think about the mass murder of Christians by Muslim radicals than I suspect Benedict XVI will be. My take is that he’ll be more concerned with secularism (which is, of course, a serious problem).

    Another item on the plus side of the ledger is that he’s been more interested in administration (which IMO is something that has been a little lacking lately especially since JPII has been so sick).

  • http://worthythinking.blogspot.com Truthseeker

    Anchoress,I rejoice with you, the world and the Catholic Church with the Holy Spirit’s selection of this new Vicar of Christ. May the Holy Spirit continue His work through His choice for Pope, and I will pray that this is a continuation of the work that the Holy Spirit started with John Paul II. Yours in Christ, Truthseeker.

  • http://tomgrey.motime.com Tom Grey – Liberty Dad

    Great roundup — prolly won’t have time to get back here as I finish reading many.

    Dictatorship of Relativism — the key Church issue is the question of Truth. If God exists, there IS an absolute Truth, whether or not our Bible is telling us correctly what it is.

    But I think this is an underlying issue, like the foundation of sand under a house. The visible house is more likely to be Secular Hedonism — do what feels good, without respect to what God wants. And secular hedonism is more like a houseboat; even if the relativist sand underneath is washed away, the happy houseboat, the pro-sex Love Boat, keeps on floatin’.

    Last year I was trying to get comfy with Secular Fundamentalism instead of the Culture of Death as the name for the main opposition to the Culture of Life, but now I think it’s Secular Hedonism. (Perhaps my prior Libertarian indulgence, and current repentance, makes me biased though. This comment will be on my own blog, too.)

  • http://Benedict16th OhioWoodsman

    ROGER THAT! Hey! Benedict 16th is my kinda guy. In the daily fighting in the trenches for Lord Jesus, this guy will watch your back. Trust him with your life!