B-XVI Roundups from Left and Right

Very impressive round up on all things Benedict and breaking. Yeeeeehah!

Meanwhile, Dirty Harry is CONVINCED Ratzinger was the right choice, mostly on the basis of how fast and hard the left are howling.

Professor Bainbridge is watching Andrew Sullivan’s head explode, as well.

I must say, they really, really HATE him, and they’re not even trying to hide it. No honeymoon for Benedict XVI. I just heard someone on CNN call him a “Catholic NEOCON.”

You KNOW how much they hate neocons! :-)

Basically the press seems to be saying, “Oh, no! They elected a CATHOLIC! Liberals are doomed! DOOMED!”

I wonder if this election will not hasten an exodus of progressives from the church – to bring into reality and focus the schism which has been bubbling under the surface for a while.

Pray for Benedict XVI. It is no easy thing to have so much hatred and malice being directed toward you. He will need our prayers.

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