Thoughts about the choice of name

All caged from NRO:

BENEDICT [Peter Robinson]
“Benedict,” of course, comes from the Latin words for (loosely) “speaking well” and “speaking good to others.” The new Holy Father, announcing that he cherishes words.

said we needed a new St. Benedict. Maybe the new pope read After Virtue.

I’ll have to look into the Benedict line, and read more about it.

An NRO reader sends this along, helpfully:
Per your reader who asked about the significance of Benedict XV being a voice for peace during the First World War, we could also speculate that the name is meant to echo some other Popes whose record matches the former Cardinal Ratzinger’s reputation (whatever the reality may be):

Benedict XIII (1724-1730) who worked to end decadence among Priests.

Benedict XII (1334 to 1342), who likewise worked to curb the luxurious lifestyles of some of the monasteries. As a bishop he had also fought heresy and witchcraft.

Benedict II (684 to 685) is the Patron Saint of Europe, incidentally.

The Last Benedict.

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