Bush dances with free people; Albright danced with Kim Jong Il

It’s been fun to watch the videos and read the accounts of President Bush’s trip to Georgia. I know that for those who do not like him, who – let’s face it – hate him, there is nothing charming in these pictures or videos, and his speech sounds like nothing particularly remarkable.

People who have lived in freedom their whole lives and do not even realize how their own liberties are being undermined look at President Bush and see…well, I don’t know what they see.

A swaggering cowboy, fratboy, stutterer who can’t be glib or polished and doesn’t hide his desire to distance himself from the elites and bluebloods.

They see a warmonger who “lied” because he believed everything his predecessor believed and did something about it.

They see hundreds of thousands of people freed due to his vision and efforts, they see women becoming educated and winning formerly denied rights, and proclaim it all “not worth it,” and write silly plays about assassination and sneer about how they keep champagne in their fridge waiting for the day he dies.

But the people who have lived under a jackboot of totalitarianism and tyranny see someone very different, when they see George Bush. And they DANCE. And he dances with them.

The world is not perfect. Bush is not perfect. Do I wish he’d move on domestic issues with the same confidence and resolute sense of purpose with which he approaches foreign policy? Yes.

But I also understand that he faces unprecedented – some would say unconstitutional - resistance from the people elected to serve the whole nation, but who are determined to first serve their agendas. Do I wish he’d be a little more clear about what he plans to do about illegal imigration? Yes. Do I wish he’d kick a few GOP’ers spines up through their heads in Congress to get them off their duffs? Yes. Do I wish he’d look more closely at health care reform? Yes.

But I also see with my own two eyes that no matter what he does try to do, there is an obstructionist opposition working against him which has vowed to never, never, never give an inch, to do nothing to co-operate, even if what he proposes is a plan they would normally have supported. The Party of No will not work, and without them, nothing much will get done.

Nevertheless. He is working for freedom and not bending over to the status quo as regards the UN, or the EU.

In 2008, President Bush can say he tried to strengthen social security and was obstructed, tried to do something about the growing imbalance of power within the judicial branch (a most worrisome situation, and every liberal should be uncomfortable with a branch of government that now answers to no one and feels the US Constitution is open for debate and relativistic interpretation) and was stymied, sought co-operative ideas on immigration and got nothing from the other side.

The press will call the failures his. And in a narrow sense they will be correct. But the broader and greater failure will be on the part of the Congress, and especially on the part of the monolithic, recalcitrant Democrat party, which wants to tell us that the nation which re-elected the Republican president, and gave majorities to Republican legislators is in fact hungry for their obstruction and enthusiastic about their lack of ideas.

President Bush danced in Georgia, with 150,000 others
who get him, and they danced, too.

When he leaves office, he will still be able to dance, knowing he did as much as he could with the tools and the legislature he had.

In 2009, if/when a Democrat takes office, the press will warn the GOP not to obstruct, not to get in the way of the president’s “bold and visionary” ideas. They will be very quick to chastise the Republicans if they do not immediately gladhand the left and allow every judicial nominee and up or down vote, and allow every reform a fast passage.

We’ll be dancing, all right. As fast as we can. But I don’t know if it will be a dance of freedom and joy.

UPDATE: Gateway pundit is getting emails from Eastern Europe.

You’ve got to love this!

I just got this in my email:

I am from Europe, and I am strong supporter of President Bush.

Bush has many friends here in Easter Europe. Those of us who remembers oppression and value freedom, feel a special bond to Bush.

Thank you, Mr. Bush! You have a special place in all our hearts.

Denes, Hungary

Even Western Europe is showing “W” some love today…

This from Spain…

From Spain:
Congratulations Mr. Bush.
God Bless America!! (and Georgia) LouReedCensored

Oh, Oh, Oh! …and check this comment out at BarcePundit (You really need to click on this Spanish blog to believe it!)

Interesantísimo y en especial “The staunchly pro-American Baltic nations, who were recently admitted, have already begun infuriating the foreign policy of appeasement and inaction worked by France and Germany.” da que pensar! )

A thought: It would be nice if once – just once – some of the determined-to-be-unhappy Bush haters would crack a smile and be a little happy over some of the things he’s done. Hell, I remember when the Clintons bought their house in Chappaqua, they did the photo op at the grocery story, but when Hillary gushed that she’d bought a “whole box of clementines for $5.00,” even I smiled for her, because she was so obviously excited and pleased. She never seemed more human to me, and I had to smile for her.

I wonder if any Bush-haters out there watched him dance and could allow themselves to smile for his sake. That is the difference, perhaps between a discerning dislike and an absolute, unhinged hate.

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  • http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/ Jim Hoft

    Rock on, Anchoress! That was brilliant. I am going to link here. Fantastic!

    Oh how the left sulks on days like this. So sad, and really just plain sick, that they feel nothing for these free people.

  • erp

    A Democrat in 2009. Bite your tongue.

  • http://sigcarlfred.blogspot.com/ Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

    Excellent! It is amazing how miserable some people must be if they cannot rejoice with the beneficieries of freedom, be they in Iraq, Eastern Europe or the Caucuses.

    Freedom it seems, only counts when it passes the liberal litmus test. It makes me wonder how many hard core liberals, like former communists, yearn for ‘the good old days.’

  • http://tidedance.blogspot.com Nan

    Anchoress, what a happy day for me to find you. Our beloved President can use every scrap of praise we can muster. I will be back for more. And, i agree with erp on the “bite your tongue” issue.

  • me2ewe

    I too loved the reception W got in Georgia (and having learned a little of the language and culture, I know what a warm and welcoming people Georgians are). I did have to laugh at Bush dancing – especially when our boy started up for the second time, doing his hammy thing, and the Mrs. dragged him off the stage all “now that’s enough, honey, you’ve had your fun.” Priceless! :D

  • margo cuculi

    Your words state what we (my husband and I) feel.
    Thank you.


  • Tammy

    That was a delightful read. Thank you so much.

  • Islandmerv

    A delightful , thoughtrful, refreshing, oasis of rational thinking !

    What a pleasure it has been to find yoour website. I shall visit frequently. Thank you.


  • pamelacrawford

    we finally have a moral decent man who loves honor and cherish his wife loves our country and the military and does everything from the heart doesn’t care about the media, elites or hate america first crowd I love him he inspires me and I smile whenever Isee him

  • rosignol

    hundreds of thousands of people freed due to his vision and efforts

    Millions, please. Give the man his due.

  • Ellen

    I’ve met some Georgian students and they are wonderful, delightful people, who really appreciate freedom. May their country be blessed and prosper. This was a great article Anchoress, thank you

  • Rittenhouse

    It isn’t the photos or the speeches that matter to the people he visits.

    It’s the fact that he’s there. This is the leader of the Free World, the nation all people would like to live in, or import its freedoms to where they live.

    It’s almost like having an angel visit you. Not so much for what he does or says. It’s just the fact that you are visited by someone so exalted that matters.

    To many peoples throughout the world it doesn’t even matter whether it’s Bush, Clinton, Carter, whoever. It’s the American President! Come to visit us!

    And, in realpolitik, it’s a thumb in the eye of your oppressor(s), foreign or domestic.

    John Paul II knew that. That’s why he never had to openly call for rebellion in Poland and elsewhere. He just showed up. That was blessing and inspiration enough.

  • http://richardlawrencecohen.blogspot.com Richard Lawrence Cohen

    I guess I’m the liberal you’re expecting not to hear from. I am staunchly opposed to the current administration on most issues, among which Iraq is no higher than fourth in importance for me. (Plundering the economy on behalf of the rich is the most important in the short term; plundering the environment the most important in the long term.) I still think that invading Iraq was a bad idea based on the evidence available at the time — Saddam was a wicked tyrant but he was on his way down anyway and he did not pose a direct threat to us anymore. However, it does seem that the invasion has had the effect of helping democracy spread. So yes, I do applaud that, even though I’m worried — and the administration is probably worried — that some Mideast democracies will turn out to be fundamentalist theocracies. And my heart warms for the liberated people of Eastern Europe, as it has done long before GW Bush.

    I detest the kind of leftism that is reflexively anti-American. But it is not as pervasive as you seem to think, Anchoress, and there is a countervailing force on your side, a near-paranoia that demonizes your opponents and views the opposition as a monolith. When I read descriptions of “liberals” by right-wing bloggers and commenters, I often just don’t recognize what they’re talking about. I think we all need, on both sides and in the center, to confront realities, not fantasies, not hobgoblins.

    As far as constitutionalism goes: 1) There is nothing unconstitutional about filibusters; 2) the federal courts were *designed* by the Framers not to be answerable to anybody outside their branch — that’s in the constitution; 3) interpretation of laws and statutes by judicial review has been a pillar of the American system since John Marshall and a pillar of English common law for much longer. Judicial activism today comes from the right, not the left; it comes from judges who wish to overturn long lines of precedent in order to foist their politicial views on a divided nation. To interpret the law in line with precedent is conservative; to overthrow precedent in order to obtain a more “conservative” result is radical.

  • Frances

    Bush was so supportive of the sovereignty of Georgia, why not the United States? Why won’t he take our open borders seriously? Have any of you seen the Mary Nagle murder case in NY state? Another illegal alien criminal. Mary was a friend of friend or I’d have never heard of her brutal murder. Why can’t Bush defend the women and children at home by listening to us about our lack of defense right here at home?

    Ticked in SF.

  • Jim

    I am not surprized that President Bush is getting good remarks from Eastern Europeans. My wife is from eastern Russian speaking Ukraine, and in her lovely accent refers to “my lovely Bush.”

    We donated to the Bush campaign this past fall and got a Christmas card from the White House which she quickly framed and put on the wall. Her naturalization papers are just about final and she can’t wait to take her oath of citizenship, get her blue passport with the American Eagle on the cover, and return to Kharkov, her home town, as a visiting US citizen instead of “that red ugly passport.” Don’t get me wrong. She loves and is proud to be from Ukraine but even more proud to be and adopted (legally through the naturalization process) American. Her biggest regret right now is that she will never be able to vote for George W Bush.

  • Darrell

    No, the lefists are not reflexively anti-American! I appreciated the humor! I laughed ’til I cried!

    What a joy it was to see millions of people cheering our President, throughout last weekend, across the Baltic States right through to the former Soviet Union! Too bad I had to search so hard to view most of it. Funny how a few protesters in Belgium seem to get better coverage than most of these stops. And could you believe that speech? Wonderful, simply magical. I better scan the leftist sites for all the good coverage of what happened, and all those pro-American comments! Negatively there is not as pervasive as one might think! Right.

  • Fr. Erik Richtsteig

    Can you imagine what the child of Kim and Albright would look like? (shudder)