Was Turley played by Dick Durbin?

Or was Durbin played by Turley?

I dunno! All I know is you should go over to Betsy’s Page and read the newest developments in the continuing story of “Why SCOTUS Nominee John Roberts’ Catholicism is Troubling, Very Troubling.”

Item 1) The exchange between Roberts and Durbin which Turley reported on yesterday may not have happened, at all.

Item 2) The NY Times has reduced the crux of the now-disputed exchange to an alarming degree.

Item 3) Durbin and his spokesman say they don’t know where Turley got his stuff, but he’s inaccurate. Turley says, you want a piece of me, anonymous sources?? I got it from YOU!

Maybe Jonathan Turley should do try actually asking John Roberts about whether or not this exchange ever took place. Dick Durbin, meanwhile, is just a disgrace.

I would say neither one of these men are covering themselves or their careers in glory. Turley is falling into the same overuse of anonymous sources we see everywhere else in the press, and Durbin…well…what can we say about Durbin? Chucklehead? Can we say that?

Tom at Stones Cry Out has some thoughts on the key issues of Robert’s nomination, and Doug is not too impressed with Anita Hill’s interference, either. Funny how she pops up whenever a Republican president is nominating someone.

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