“Cold” Pope? Hardly

Remember when Pope Benedict emerged onto the balcony at St. Peter’s, and so many immediate started labeling him, calling him “cold,” and “ruthless,” etc?

Everything I have read since that day seems to completely disprove those assertions. Benedict seems enormously pastoral and clear-eyed.

I do wish the press would just step out of the picture once in a while, though. The line about how Benedict has said he “would not do only his own will,” is not only stupid – a good pope never does his own will, but follows the will of God – but it’s an unnecessary reminder, a “don’t forget, we don’t like or trust him…”

Sometimes I really hate the press.

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  • SigmundCarlandAlfred

    The press dropped the ball with JPII, trying to separating his faith from his good works-m an idea no one bought.

    Now that JPII is gone, the press wants to make sure that this Pope is ‘managed’ or ‘handled’more effectively. They want to make sure that this Pope will not be as beloved as the last.

    The more respected and beloved a Pope may be, the more evident the media agenda becomes.

    They cannot compete with a Pope of moral stature, for credibility and integrity

  • stephanie

    You only hate the media sometimes anchoress? ;-)

  • TheAnchoress

    That’s right. Most of the time I just deplore them. But sometimes I really hate ‘em! :-)

  • Donna

    Sorry. The media have settled on their “meme” and that’s that. Benedict is cold and ruthless, Bush is stupid, Hillary is a model all females should follow, if you’re against Roe v. Wade you’re anti-woman (even if you are one), and so on. Once the media’s hive mind decides what the conventional wisdom is, it never budges.

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