Why does Bush going home so offend

This has to be one of the most picayune, small-minded headlines I’ve ever read:

Bush plans 50th ranch trip in five years

Yeah? So what?

The man has a house that he and his wife designed, built and paid for and he likes to go there to get away from the White House and Washington D.C. – to get a change of pace and scenery and maybe not have to wear a suit and tie as he works.

Why is that so awful? It’s not like he is not still confering, still phoning, meeting, talking, getting advice, monitoring, etc. He’s just doing it on his own comfortable grounds. What could be offensive about that to anyone but perhaps the WH press corps who hate going to Crawford.

To me, this is just extreme pettiness. The man wants a change of scenery. He goes HOME. He doesn’t poll to see where he should vacation. He doesn’t decide he needs to go out of town for a while, so he’ll take a trip to India with a 712 person entourage, or to Africa, or to Malibu or Martha’s Vineyard, and he doesn’t put his getaway on the taxpayer dime.

The man goes home ten times a year – sometimes just for a weekend. Include holidays like Christmas and Easter, Thanksgiving and his August vacation, and you’re talking about 6 little stopovers a year. What’s the big freaking deal? Why that is sooooooo terrible?

President Clinton did not have a home to go to when he was in office. This president does, and he chooses to go there.

You have to really, really hate a man to begrudge him time in his own home. You have to be a very small, niggling sort of person to do that.

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  • http://almostaverage.com Tommy

    I’m afraid it’s as much a sign of not having anything else to complain about they haven’t already worn thin. So they whine about this. The job of President is difficult enough that there is always going to be plenty of legitimate gripes if that is what you want, the fact that so many irrelevant ones are brought up is somewhat telling I think.

  • http://ohhowilovejesus.com Jeanette

    They did the same thing to Reagan. Always complaining about how much time he spent at his ranch too. And Nixon for that matter. The President of the United States is in a very high pressure job. He is on call 365/24/7. If the reporters don’t want to go to Crawford I’m sure Presidet Bush wouldn’t care. MSM pfffffttttt!

  • SigmundCarlandAlfred

    The media doesn’t like Waco, hence the whining.

    They make it sound as if matters of state get left behind. Not in this day and age, as you point out- that’s for sure.

    As for Mr Clinton, his diversions were closer to home.

  • newton

    Whoever wrote this article:

    1. doesn’t know that the president has to be on call 24/7/365, even if he’s at the most remote corner of Earth.

    2. doesn’t own a house, let alone a ranch, and he’s seething in pure, unadulterated envy…

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Takes Work With Him

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    and how many times to members of Congress go home? I have to wonder, though, if Senator Clinton ever goes “home” to Chappaqua, or if she’s too afraid to catch Bill with one of his girlfriends. Have they ever been seen in the same room together in the last five years?

  • http://none Darrell

    Just the MSM sticking to the template they created in 2000(Bush is lazy, stupid, rich, “a frat boy”, “a daddy’s boy”, blah, blah, blah). Anyone living between the coasts is “Joe and Mary Sixpack” and their research tells them that they resent anyone getting more vacation than they do. Forget that these are working vacations, like Tony Blair and other dignitaries seen in “Fahrenheit 911″ (Colombian President Alvaro Uribe this time). These little digs hit their target–they think. They still smile that they brought down George H. W. with the supermarket scannner lie and that Great Depression II myth. That scanner he was talking about is still not on the market, and the economy then was 18-mos into recovery and poised for record growth. What’s “truth” anyway. Throw what you have against power and see if it sticks!

  • http://www.catholicpillowfight.com Tony Miller

    The more I hear about President Bush, the more I like him. A man who treasures time with his family is a man I want running the country. This means to me that he values family, and might run the country to the benefit of families.

  • http://badhairblog.blogspot.com Fausta

    Yet another silly article.
    And newspapers ask themselves why circulation is decreasing.

  • http://www.marchhareshouse.blogspot.net March Hare

    Could it be that by going home to Crawford, and not to Chataqua or Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons or Fire Island, that President Bush can actually see what conditions are like in Middle America?

  • Donna

    Jonathan Chait recently ridiculed Bush in the LA Times because Dubya exercises regularly. Bear in mind that the media routinely portrays the fly-over folks as fat, mindless couch potatoes. It goes to show you that Bush literally can do nothing right, or commendable, in their eyes.

    I expect to see someone mocking his fidelity in marriage as hopelessly antiquated and indicative of a “lack of diversity” in his sex life. Clinton, as we know, certainly treasured diversity in that area.