Blughgh. Tremble. Just Blughgh.

Had the MRI this afternoon – not good. Because I have so many twitchy things going on with my legs and arms I kept fearing I was moving and ruining the shots of my brain. Then they had to inject a contrast dye which meant a) three sticks before they could find a co-operative vein (as usual) and b) the dye made me nauseous and headachy because that’s what it does to folks with my blood disorder. Hello…came outta that tube shaking like a leaf, and they wouldn’t let me go until I got some color back into my face and seemed capable of driving.

It has taken hours to get back to feeling halfway normal. My son’s g/f very kindly let me off the hook for making her lasagna tonight – I’ll do it tomorrow – but overall…blgughgh.

No reading on the thing until Monday, and I have a metallic taste in my mouth and all in all feel like crud. But…I’m sure everything will be fine in the end.

Meanwhile, please forgive the light posting, the inarticlate rambling and – if you have emailed me – the lack of response. I’m sort of out of it and exhausted. Hope you’re all well.

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  • SigmundCarlandAlfred

    I can tell you are out of sorts. You are hallucinating. Your posts are never inarticulate.

    I’m glad the day is over with. Where I come from that means the tea ritual. Try it, curl up with a cheesy magazine- and you know the rest.

    Welcome home.

  • Bernard Higgins

    Been to the movie, Anchoress, several times. MRIs are no fun. I’m claustrophobic. Felt like I was being placed in a closed coffin. Glad that treat is behind you now and hope you feel better over the weekend. Keep the faith. Your readers will be here when you’re up to posting again. For now, rest and get your strength back. We worry about you, you must know!

  • Donna

    Rest up and get well, Anchoress. You and your family remain in my prayers.

  • http://none Darrell

    Nope. Spot on as usual. Rest up and come back stronger than ever. You are always needed, and sorely missed. I’ll have to do a better job with my prayers.

  • Fausta

    Rest up, be well, and continue your good work.

  • Fausta

    Rest up, be well, and continue your good work.
    (We’ll be waiting for the lasgna recipe, though.)

  • Housewife

    God speed.

  • Dilys

    Well, for starters, let’s encourage the g/f to Google “lasagna or lasagne + recipe.” Self-reliance, that’s the ticket.

  • Myssi

    Bless you, dear. I too have done the MRI thing and I too hate it. No contrast for me. I am allergic to shellfish therefore probably allergic to iodine and let’s not inject me with it to find out for sure. I won’t let them try it, which means longer in the machine, but luckily what they are looking for, if I do actually have the gene for it,is not deep in the brain.
    Feel better soon, A.
    And, dilys, the lasagna is for her birthday! No one should have to make their own birthday dinner.

  • ukok

    Hope you’e feeling better now :)

    God Bless.