No, the MSM will not, Captain, Sorry.

I’m feeling extremely pessimistic about the press, these days, especially as they seem to be in a collective meltdown that precludes any chance of common sense and reality tearing them away from their carefully constructed memes.

Ed Morrissey is wondering if this disturbing report will shake the press out of their collective, mindless – almost sonambulant – chant of “Bush’s Fault” and make them finally ask questions regarding the sheer ineptitude of Mayor Ray Nagin (whom the press loves) and Governor Kathleen Blanco (whom they do not love but will protect).

Writes Ed:Mayor Nagin’s failure to follow the emergency operations plan again resulted in more deaths and unnecessary panic. The hospitals should have been the first sites evacuated when the voluntary evac order got published, and certainly should have been at the top of the list for the mandatory evacuation. The buses should have rolled to the hospitals before anywhere else, but even without the buses, the mayor’s office should have contacted the hospitals and ordered them emptied by the Friday before landfall.

Will this gruesome discovery finally wake up the Exempt Media to the utter failure of New Orleans city management in minimizing the deaths and hardship of Katrina’s effects?

The short answer: No. The mainstream press still…STILL…has not reported, and clearly has NO INTENTION of reporting that both the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army are swearing that the STATE HSD would not allow them into New Olreans to give aid and comfort to those trapped in the Superdome and elsewhere. The press will barely allow themselves to admit that thousands of buses were not deployed to evactuate New Orleans residents. They are not interested, at this point, in facts – they are interested in memes and whatever divisions they can foment. They are interested in race-baiting and the promotion of the patently – demonstrably false notion – that President Bush “hates black people…”

I think we are witnessing the utter self-destruction of the press, before our eyes, and what is destroying them is their hate. Rampant, out of control, hyperventilating, leering and damn near carnivorous hate, directed at half the country through a one-man target, George W. Bush.

Hate consumes the hater. It has always been this way. Martin Luther King said it, and he knew what he was talking about. He also said that “lies never last forever…” When the press is done screaming about “10,000 bodies,” when they are done mischaracterizing and whitewashing “funding cuts to the levee,” when they have shouted themselves hoarse over the hundreds of thousands of ways in which that one person – George W. Bush – both caused the hurricane and precipiated every problem and tragedy which developed in its aftermath, they will still be faced with some uncomfortable truths:

Max Mayfield, the Director of the US Hurricane Center has said repeatedly that he called Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco and said, “get those people out of there.” Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco did not do that. They did not evacuate the hospitals. They did not evacuate the people who had no other means of transportation. They did not call for mandatory evacuations until very late. Gov. Kathleen yeah-well-I-guess-I-really-need-to-call-in-troops Blanco was clearly in over her indecisive head from the start, but “didn’t know” she had to invite the feds in to help her, and when she was offered the opportunity to federalize the catastrophe needed “24hrs to think” about it before rejecting the offer.

FEMA did not cover themselves in glory, it is true – although more evidence is coming forward that they outperformed their responses to both Hurricane Hugo and Hurricane Andrew – and President Bush was a little slow getting out of the gate – he seemed that way after 9/11, if you recall – but the press’ absolute reluctance to discuss the failure of the (it must be said, DEMOCRAT) leadership in Louisiana is going to contribute to their already expanding credibility problems. As Rich Lowry says – to the press, the finger of blame can only point one way.

President Bush is slated to address the nation on Thursday, the 15th. On the Catholic Calendar, that is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows – follows the 14th, the Triumph of the Cross. It will be interesting to see what he has to say. I am certain he will be short on blame-gaming it and long on conciliatory tones. But I am praying – PRAYING – that he brings Michael Gerson in to write that speech. No one else has begun to capture Bush’s style, and he doesn’t pronounce anyone half as well!

Although, really, it doesn’t matter who writes the speech or what he says. The members of the fourth estate (with a few exceptions, but very few) are already writing their hate-screeds about it.

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  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    I’m feeling extremely pessimistic about the press, these days, especially as they seem to be in a collective meltdown that precludes any chance of common sense and reality tearing them away from their carefully constructed memes.

    Well, I suppose there is one thing for which we can be thankful to Algore — His invention of the Internet has allowed millions upon millions of people to gain access to the truth of what has been happening, and what has not been happening, these last few years. Even with Fox News, just imagine where we, as individuals, would be without bloggers, Drudge, etc., including our dear Anchoress — We would be sitting at home, totally reliant upon our local newspapers, assuming that all the anti-Bush nonsense was true, totally ignorant of the truth because we lacked any access to alternate forms of information. Thank you for doing your part Anchoress — what began probably as a hobby to vent thoughts and opinions (as I assume most blogs began), has become a vocation, as essential role in the battle against error, falsehood, and the enemies of truth and Truth.

  • http://none Darrell

    We are getting rope-a-doped, and I don’t like it one bit. We let the Dems frame the argument and we are playing into their hands…FEMA did what it was supposed to do. They are the third responder(after local and State resources), charged with being there within 72-96 hours. They beat those deadlines and more. They were staged ouside the projected path of the hurricane while it was still in the Gulf. Helicopter rescues began as soon as the winds dropped to safe levels. Bush was ordering the evacuation of NO two days before Katrina reached land. When you do what you agreed to do, you have no blame to claim. Make that point and and call out the other side on their lies. And when they trot out the Clintonistas saying how poorly it all was handled, remind them of the facts…and how Natchez saw their first shipment of ice and water in four days after Hurricane Floyd.

    I’m still waiting to know if anyone is the least bit curious as to whether Gov. Blanco’s actions and words were orchestrated by the Democrat Party leadership…And whether it could be proved in a court of law with phone records…They were calling it “the Perfect Storm” rather early….saying the images of minority suffering were ideal for bringing Bush down…They wouldn’t do anything to maximize that suffering, would they?

    Dems see two Americas, ten Americas, a million Americas–people being set on each other’s throats in their own selfish interests. We see one America.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Also, despite what is being reported now (and what is not being reported), the truth is going to come out. Although the city, state, mayor, and governor are probably protected by sovereign immunity, almost certain many of the private hospitals, retirement facilities, etc., will be hit with wrongful death lawsuits for failing to develop or implement evacuation plans, failing to have generators, failing to place generators on upper floors to guard against flooding, or even for negligently and recklessly locating their facilities in low-lying areas. These lawsuits will generate discovery and other investigations, with public disclosure at trial. The truth will come out.

  • newton

    By the time the truth comes out, most people will believe the MSM’s fabricated myths.
    The MSM had this “Perfect Storm” planned. And they will never rest until they have this President, his family, his career, and his reputation in the excrement pond that they and the Democrats have prepared especially for him.
    I have said this before at home, and I will say it now. If someone (Heaven forbid!) attempts successfully against the life of this man in the future, I will hold Satan’s “little helpers” – the MSM and the DNC – culpable. If something very band happens to him, his blood will be on their hands.
    And We the People should hold them to that.

  • convert

    Amen, newton. 10-20 years from now when it will be irrefutable that Bush was one of our great presidents who sucked it up and led through some of the most traumatic times our country has ever seen. But in the short run, I fear Bush’s strategy of always playing nice, saying little, trusting people to see through the horrific lying and distortion of the media establishment is finally going to run the country and his reputation in the ground.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    I fear Bush’s strategy of always playing nice, saying little, trusting people to see through the horrific lying and distortion of the media establishment is finally going to run the country and his reputation in the ground.
    Once again, W is not omnipotent — it is not his job or place to be the one to do everything all by himself. He should play nice —– It is the job of other Republicans and conservatives, including those spineless, impotent worms in Congress, to defend and counterattack. Like offensive linemen in football protecting their quarterback, they are the ones that are supposed to “have his back,” to keep others away from him.
    Besides, have faith in the people. True, not all do, but with folks like Anchoress and others in their pajamas, many, many people do “see through the horrific lying and distortion of the media establishment” and more and more people are beginning to see the light.
    “Hate consumes the hater.” The foam-at-the-mouth Move-on folks, MSM, and the Party of Slavery, Secession, and Segregation are only hurting themselves.

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