As Ed Koch would say: How’m I doin’?

For some reason I can no longer access Aaron’s website to check on the Blogger Deck of Cards race-for-inclusion in the “hearts” deck, which I wrote about – pictures included – here.

For some reason his server won’t let me look at his site. Can someone tell me how the “race” is going? It’s been really good fun, and I feel like I’m missing out, now. Last time I was able to check, I was 8 votes ahead of Michelle Malkin, with Lorie Byrd breathing down my neck…

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  • Joseph

    I can’t get in either. So it appears to be his problem, not ours.

  • Jimmie

    As of 2 PM Sunday, you’re five votes up on Michelle, with Atlas Shrugged and SarahK running ahead of Lori Byrd.

  • Jeanette

    As of right now the numbers are:

    Michelle Malkin=154
    Atlas Shrugs= 139
    Sarah K = 104
    Lorie Byrd=92

    Top five only

  • Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

    Sleep easy.

    I’ve engaged Richard Daley and the Chicago Democrat machine to supervise the counting.

    By the way, did you know that in 2000, the Dems actually proposed that Daley head up the recount committee? I’m serious.

    You know you’ve won when the Dems have to call in Daley and the Chicago machine!

  • benning

    At 5:37PM you are 18 votes ahead. Whoopee! LOL

  • http://none Darrell

    As of 11:21 EST Sunday, the Anchoress leads Michelle Malkin 201 to 199. Time to get out the vote! You have until the the clock strikes midnight Monday. Your vote can decide this!

  • Jeanette

    Anchoress is two votes behind Michelle right now. Get out and vote for Anchoress! Like YESTERDAY!

  • http://none Darrell

    Time to kick it into high gear!

    The Anchoress trails by eleven votes!

    Have you seen the picture of Michelle Malkin that they want to use? Please spare her that if you have any human decency left! Vote for the Anchoress now–please! I bet she will even hold hands with her hubby as a show of gracious victory!