Delivering the news with a poisoned rag?

Alexandra wryly uses Caravaggio’s David and Goliath to make a statement about bloggers, the MSM and the attention deficit disorder the international press displays regarding France, and toward all things not related to destroying George W. Bush.

Alexandra grew up in communism. She understands in a way many of us cannot, the enormous amount of freedom that is lost by a nation when the press misuses its own freedom to suppress a story (France), or to distort (Plamegate) or to lie (Katrina) or to shield (Kerry, Berger, Clintons…) or to beat-down (Bush) or to raise up (Hillary!).

If only we had a press which simply told the stories, nowadays. Most bloggers – I say most, there are some exceptions – have a bias, but they’re upfront about it, and not pretending to a noble neutrality that does not exist. And as the press will tell you, “bloggers are not journalists!”

Okay. So when will “journalists” start acting like journalists instead of political midwives, working with a poisoned rag at the ready, trying to determine which infant story will live or die at birth, how they are to be delivered and fed, and which are to be shunted aside and ignored?

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