Holding Hands and Hauling Out Chelsea…

Clearly the Clintons are in full campaign mode once again. What other politicians would drag their 23+ daughter away from her job and boyfriend to take her on the “important” photo-ops. Poor girl has her own life…except during a campaign, when the hand-holding and “family unity” shots are required.

The Clintons, who live in Chappaqua, N.Y., had interrupted a visit to Israel to make a brief trip to Jordan at the invitation of King Abdullah II.

Stepping over broken glass, silver knives and napkins on a carpet soiled by blood and plaster dust, Bill and Hillary Clinton held hands to affirm their abhorrence of the bomb that tore through Wednesday’s wedding party.

Oh, come on, this is really sickening. “Holding hands to express abhorrence?” How does that work, exactly? Would the press write this about ANYONE but the Clintons?

I read this and all I can remember is Hillary kissing Suha Arafat on the cheek after Mrs. Arafat’s speech wherein she charged that Jews were killing Palestinian children by poisoning the water. Afterward, Hillary’s people said she hadn’t realized what Arafat was saying…she “had a bad translation.”

Everyone else there had an accurate translation, but the First Lady of the United States got a substandard one. Got that? You totally believe that, right?

Dear Lord, the insulting disingenuity of these people makes me want to vomit up a lung.

UPDATE: A blog for all notes that when the WTC was bombed in 1993, President Clinton never even visited the site, much less the victims as he rushed to do here in Jordan. Lawhawk rightly wonders why the need to do so in JORDAN?

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