Our Lady of Guadalupe and Iraq?

Today is a good day.

It is one of my favorite Marian feast days, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is the woman from the Book of Revelation, Chapter 12, the “woman clothed with the sun, who stands upon the moon…she is pregnant…” Note, it’s a crescent moon.

And it’s an important day for George W. Bush, too, because it was on this feastday that the Election debacle of 2000 finally ended.

Good things seem to happen for Bush on Marian feast days – I’ve noted it and made a list, here.

This feastday is a fairly new one – Pope John Paul made a rather hasty (not long-planned) trip to Mexico in 1999, specifically to name Guadalupe the Patroness of the Americas and designate the feastday. Those around him noted that doing so seemed important to him – that it be done that year, and not put off.

Muslims love and honor Mary. And today, on one of her great feasts, Muslims in the heart of the Middle East are beginning their elections, and they are dancing as they vote.

Whether those who hate the president will admit it or not, he is responsible for the new freedom of millions, and he is inspiring millions more to seek freedom and work for it.

Today is a good day.

Happy Catholic has a really excellent piece on all the symbolism contained in the image of the Guadalupe. Go read, you’ll like.

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